Wednesday, May 28, 2008

100th Post!

I'm going to be oh-so-original for my 100th post and present you with

100 Random Facts About Me

1. I have a dimple about a half an inch below my left eye. I once met another girl who had a matching one under her right eye and we decided we must be soul sisters. We never pursued our friendship, though.

2. My mother called me "Poor Family Planning" when I was growing up because I was born 10 years after my youngest sister. It was so normal for me to be introduced in this way that when my kindergarten teacher asked me if I had any nicknames that was my answer.

3. I used to sell Filter Queens in home. I was actually really good at it. My current vacuum cleaner is the one I sold my dad over 10 years ago. It works fabulously to this day. We weren't allowed to call them vacuum cleaners, though. They were home filtration systems.

4. I love Vera Bradley purses and I can pretty much pick them out from across a busy store if someone else has one.... by pattern name and style.

5. The house that I grew up in from age 6 until The Man and I bought this house was burned down by an arsonist in 2004. My parents were on vacation at the time and the house was empty but to this day I still mourn it like a death. I frequently dream I am in that house.

6. We were pummeled by two hurricanes the summer before that happened and my dad had spent countless hours cleaning up the 3 acre lot the house sat on. He had it back in order about 2 weeks before the house burned down.

7. I once dyed my hair hot pink in response to all of my friends going "goth" when we were in college. I stuck out like a sore thumb in their sea of black. I couldn't stand it, though, and went back to brown only a few days later.

8. Someday I will write a novel.

9. I am a terrible housekeeper but I keep trying.

10. I love magazines but I never make time to read them.

11. My favorite TV show is Big Love and I'm dying for a new season to start. It's been FOREVER.

12. I had a tubal ligation when Goober was born and there's a part of me that regrets it. Most of me is really glad I made that decision though.

13. I really really really want the Wii Fit.

14. I'm fasting on the Master Cleanse diet. This is my 3rd time.

15. We have a new beta fish. That story is for another blog.

16. I don't understand the obsession with Starbucks. I mean, sure, it's neat to be able to get whipped cream and have a menu for coffee larger than the menu at most fast food joints, but I still don't get it. I enjoy gas station coffee immensely, though.

17. I used to have a terrible Snickers addiction. I'm pretty much over that, though.

18. We have five working computers in this house and a sixth is in the works. It's a little obsessive, I agree.

19. I was Co-Editor In Chief of my high school newspaper. I think it might be the only thing that got me accepted to the University of Florida.

20. My three best friends and I started our own literary magazine when we were in high school. It was called Identity Crisis and we opened a PO Box so teenagers could anonymously mail in submissions. We passed out tons of fluorescent flyers but no one mailed anything in. :( We had one issue and sold candy bars illegally in school to raise the money to produce it.

21. One of those girls' mom has me doing the Right Stuff dance on video tape. She could totally blackmail me.

22. I can make a KICK BUTT spice cake.

23. I am a failed vegetarian.

24. I spent my entire early teenage years at a barn. I hated having to participate in horse shows, though.

25. I like to read in the bathtub and prefer paperbacks for this reason.

26. I killed my video iPod by dropping it way too many times. The Man gave me his because he loves me. I haven't dropped it once.

27. I love Disaronno on the rocks but I feel pretentious ordering it in public so I only have it at home.

28. My family room has 8 laundry baskets in it right now. Only a few of them have clothes in them.

29. If I didn't have children I would be nocturnal.

30. I love shoes. My heart gets fluttery in shoe stores and shoe departments so I typically don't go into them. I love to buy them but I typically only wear Target flip flops. I have more shoes than any normal woman should have but you'd never know it.

31. I absolutely can't WAIT for Wipeout to start. I am sick and laugh at other people's misfortune.

32. I can't tell if this blog is horrible or hilarious. I feel guilty laughing at it.

33. I try very hard not to curse. This is sometimes difficult. I say things like "What the French Toast?" and "Mother Fuss Bucket!" and "SHHHHOOOOTTT!"

34. I stopped watching American Idol with Carly was voted off.

35. It takes me about an hour every day to read all the blogs I read. I can't add anymore because I am desperately trying to stick to a schedule and I can't spare any more time.

36. I would love it if I could get this blog to make some money. I don't think you're selling out if you get paid to write a blog. Hello? Making money doing something you love?? How is that bad?

37. I do think you're selling out if you're not honest with what you write. (ie - I just love the new Fancy Sugar Balls and feed them to my kids every morning!) I really do love that Ped Egg. My feet are still super smooth and it's almost a week later.

38. Some members of my family truly believe I will go to hell because I am not Christian. This makes me very sad.

39. I find a great sense of peace and fulfillment in my spirituality.

40. I want a dog.

41. I wasn't allergic to anything until I got pregnant. Now I am allergic to most animals, dust, pollen, mold... everything.

42. When I was pregnant with Goober my very straight hair turned curly. I absolutely loved it and was so sad when it straightened out again.

43. I desperately need to dye my hair. I have more gray than most 40 year old women but I'm only 31.

44. My mom has Parkinson's Disease and has had three relatively unsuccessful Deep Brain Stimulation operations. If I had one wish I would eliminate this horrible disease from the planet. It is absolutely wretched.

45. My dad just turned 65 and could out run my sisters and me in any race.

46. I want a boob job.

47. The ending of Gone With The Wind makes me mad every single time. I even read it and was so mad at the end.

48. My first car was a 1991 cherry red Honda Civic. I named it Boobie.

49. My second car was a 1995 Mitsubishi Mirage and I loved it more than I've ever loved a car. Sometimes I dream I'm driving it. It had a CD player AND a tape player and it was silver and had a sunroof and was super cute. I felt cool when I drove it. I never named it.
It looked just like that one. I want it back.

50. My third car was my mom's old Mercedes and I only gave up my precious Mirage because I was pregnant with Munchkin and my mom and dad convinced me I couldn't fit two kids in the car. I'm thoroughly convinced I could have fit all THREE of the kids in there and if I hadn't succumbed to the pressure I might still be driving that car.

51. I've had several cars since then and I really love our minivan. When my kids go to college I'm so getting a sporty little silver car again, though.

52. I sing and dance horribly... but that doesn't stop me from doing either.

53. My cell phone is too advanced for me.

54. I let my kids lick the batter off of my mixing spoons whenever I bake. They haven't gotten salmonella yet.

55. I have a friend crush on Steve Carell but I don't really like The Office.

56. My favorite color used to be purple. I'm not sure if it still is. I think I've started liking red more.

57. I laid down on a bench at the base of the World Trade Center towers and spent at least 10 minutes staring up in awe, watching the clouds go by. I didn't have enough money to go to the top. I would never have imagined that less than a decade later they would be gone.

58. I love to be barefoot. When I was a teenager I spent most of my time, in public and at home, with no shoes on. If I thought I could get away with it I tried. My feet were baby soft back then.

59. I get a headache if I eat too much sugar.

60. I have a birthmark on my butt and one on my wrist.

61. My favorite holiday is Halloween. It's The Man's least favorite holiday.

62. Our 2007 Christmas tree stayed up until April. It had a lot of heart ornaments on it so I tried to convince people it was a Christmas/Valentines Day tree. When Easter rolled around I had no more excuses... but I still left it up a couple more weeks.

63. I love to pop pimples.

64. I also love to pluck hair.

65. Sometimes I don't get out of my pajamas all day.

66. I love Emilio Pucci and Betsey Johnson. I don't understand why anyone wouldn't want color in their wardrobe.

67. I love falling asleep in my nice cozy bed when it's raining outside.

68. I'm addicted to drama. It's a sickness. Internet forum drama is the best.

69. I love elephants.

70. I wish I could play a great game of tennis. I'm planning on working on it. I have a racket.

71. I could probably live without chocolate but not without Diet Coke.

72. The Man makes fun of mostly all of the television shows I enjoy. It's really irritating.

73. I am desperately behind on laundry.

74. I can't wait for the day that Man vs Wild is canceled.

75. I live vicariously through one of my best friends who I consider to be adventurous. She drove across the country to live in Portland, OR and decided to just go on ahead and move to Alaska. After a few years there she picked up and moved to Braddock, PA where she and her husband are renovating a 100+ year old house.

76. My toes are incredibly long. I can pick things up with them and I think I could write with them if I had to.

77. The Man and I both spent our childhood at skating rinks. We love skating rink music.

78. I'd love to move somewhere in the Smokey Mountains some day.

79. I have never left the country except to go to the Bahamas.

80. I've also never been further west than New Orleans or further north than Boston.

81. I plan to see as much of the world as possible as soon as possible.

82. I'm amazed at how many products we use every day that are connected to animals.

83. I used to write poetry. I think my poetry was quite good. Some time around the time I had my first child I just couldn't do it any more.

84. The Man and I enjoy Geocaching. It's like a treasure hunt you can do no matter where you are.

85. We also enjoy fine dining... without children.

86. I am really looking forward to a hot bubble bath tonight.

87. My sisters are two of my very best friends. Being that they are 10 and 11 years older than me I never thought we'd be close when I was growing up. We are, though, and I appreciate them immensely.

88. I am desperately fearful of losing a child.

89. My skin gets itchy when I'm really tired.

90. I desperately want to be #1 on the Works For Me Wednesday list... just ONE week! Or even #2 or #3! I am consistently amazed at how fast that list jumps up in numbers. Is there some automatic post to Mr. Linky thing that I'm unaware of?

91. I miss Dead Like Me and Six Feet Under. I don't have an obsession with death though.

92. I met The Man through a local BBS before normal people had access to the Internet. It was called Screaming In Digital.

93. I love Hammacher Schlemmer. They have an awesome return policy.

94. My first job was at Dexter Shoes across from the largest retirement community in South Florida. I spent my days fitting elderly people with comfortable walking shoes.

95. I loved Sassy magazine when I was a teenager. It was edgy and spoke to me.

96. I saw Nirvana in concert in their last tour. The Breeders opened for them and my boyfriend and I got into a big giant fight there. We broke up soon afterward. He was a jerk.

97. I think tree frogs are adorable but if one jumped on me I'd have a heart attack. They like to hang out near our front door and I'm paranoid about them attacking me.

98. I am so proud of Bug as he gets older. He amazes me continuously. I'm proud of Munchkin and Goober as well - but they haven't quite reached the same maturity level as Bug. He's turning into who he's going to be.

99. If I were a guy I'd wear Tommy Bahama camp shirts all the time. They're so soft. Instead I just dress The Man in them as much as he'll let me.

100. I love everyone who reads my blog and comments. :) I'm so glad to be getting to know you all.


Karen said...[Reply to comment]

Great list!
I too LOVE to read in the tub!
I have a ton of gray hair, started when I was 29 and had my first daughter, coincidence? Getting my hair done is the one thing I consistently do for myself.
Did you have fun doing your list? I loved doing mine.

Trish said...[Reply to comment]

There are so many things I could relate to, but decided to stop at three. 1. I think Starbucks is totally over rated too! The coffee is way to strong for me and expensive. 2. I'm hoping to get a boob job for my 40th birthday. Only 2 more years to go. 3. Got a GPS for Christmas. I am trying to figure out how to use it and start geocaching with my kids.

mah-meeee said...[Reply to comment]

good golly, you really thought of 100 things about you...

my thoughts on a few... can't really comment on everyone...i'd kill your comment page. LOL.

13. we have one. come by! but then you'll have to erase part of 80. we're in cali. :)
22. send some of that spice cake over. we're suckers for good cake around here.
32. hilarious.
35. totally understood... same boat here.
37. i went out and bought the pediegg too. LOVE IT.
41. is the reason you can't have 40?
46. i want one too. hubby had promised me some... but let's see if he'll shell out the money for them. (i'm not holding out too much hope.)
66. i love betsey immensely. too bad i don't fit into her clothes the way i used to - before kids.
71. i can't live without diet coke too.
88. agree.
100. *blush*

happy thursday!

Domestic Spaz said...[Reply to comment]

Karen - I did have fun! I started to stall somewhere in the 60s and picked it up later but it was fun. I NEED to take some time to go get my hair done. I hate that it takes so long, though, so I can never seem to find the time. I was in there for 3 hours the last time! Maybe if I went more often it wouldn't be so horrific, though. :)

Trish - I'm so envious of your boob job... maybe I'll get one for my 40th, too! I have a little longer to wait but I need some saving time anyhow. :) You will LOVE geocaching. It is so much fun with the kids.

Mah-Meeee - I'm going to show up at your house with a spice cake ready to play the Fit!! We mostly don't have a dog because we regularly go to the Bahamas and don't know what we'd do with the dog while we were gone. That and we don't like vet bills. I'm still trying to convince The Man, though. Ug... Tell me about it with the Betsey clothes. I have to limit myself to shoes and bags now. I have the greatest Betseyville tote in the world, though. I love picking it up from baggage claim.

Michelle@Life with Three said...[Reply to comment]

So...I'm a little behind on the ol' blog reading (all that driving to the NAET practitioner!). I loved this post and learning more about you.

9. Ditto for me
10. Yep -- that too
46. Definitely would like one of those as well, but I'm a bit of a chicken to actually go through with it.
55. Love Steve Carrell -- I'm a devoted Office viewer, although I think the first two seasons were the funniest.
56. My favorite color changes all the time, too.
62. Cracks me up! :-)
73. Story of my life...
77. Ice or Roller? I was a Roller girl all the way
90. If you discover the secret, please let me know. I've wondered that myself...
95. And Sassy Magazine!!!! I LOVED Sassy Magazine. I haven't thought about it in years!

sarah said...[Reply to comment]

Loved your 100 things post! I also have a TON of gray hair and I am 28. It started coming in when I was 16. My husband and I are just getting into the geocaching, but we are totally hooked! I also spend way to long reading blogs, but can't seem to cap myself out when I fing another good one. I got here from raising A & C and I am hooked. One more for the google reader. Thanks for the post!