Thursday, August 21, 2008

Oh darnit... now I have Boston stuck in my head...

Is it really Thursday already?

The calendar says it is... so without further ado, I bring you my entry for the Sincerly 'Fro Me To You carnival at We Are THAT Family.

I don't have a lot of pictures from my childhood or mementos from my youth because the house I grew up in was burned down almost four years ago and a lot of those things went with it. I do hold all those memories, though. That's something you learn when you lose so much of the things we all hold on to. The memories are still all there... sometimes it just takes a reminder to bring them back.

When I was two I was given a doll. It was a simple cloth doll and I named her Amanda. She was HUGE. She was almost as big as I was and therefore I deemed her my best friend. She had curly blond yarn hair and I loved her curly blond yarn hair. In fact, I loved it so much I truly wanted curly blond yarn hair of my own. Amanda was always sleeping (her eyes were always shut) and had a peaceful smile across her face. I loved her.

I remember being in awe that there was a doll so large! I held her hand and dragged her around with me as many places as my mother would allow. I once got something brown and sticky in her curly blond yarn hair and it never really came out. It dyed a patch of her curly blond yarn hair brown which always made me sad.

Over time Amanda became dingy and dirty and she must have been put away and forgotten about as I grew older. Every once in a while I would think about her and wonder what happened to her.

Several years ago I was helping my dad clean out the attic in my parents house and I found her in a black garbage bag filled with other dolls and stuffed animals from my early childhood. Amanda was dingy and her curly blond yarn hair was pulled in places and still had that brown stain in one spot. Mostly I was shocked at how small she was. She was no bigger than the length of my arm and her tiny little arms didn't even fill the palm of my hand.

I smiled and put Amanda back in the bag and left her in my parents attic. When the house burned down I was sure I had lost her forever.

Until I found this picture a few weeks ago.


There we are, Amanda and me. She's still clean and new in this picture (heck, so am I!), sleeping on the shag carpet. This is just how I'd like to remember her. She was a great friend. :)


Crayl said...[Reply to comment]

I am so glad you found a photo. It's sad to lose everything like that, but you are right, we have the memories tucked away.

Mrs. Who said...[Reply to comment]

I had a doll named Chrissy when I was about 5 or so. She was plastic with blonde hair and was sitting up under the Christmas tree when I came downstairs one year. I LOVED that doll. I have no idea what happened to her.

Amy-littletoesandcheerios said...[Reply to comment]

Oh my-what a big doll you had!
And the photo to prove it!

My daughter has a giant plush bear she drags around with her.

Lori said...[Reply to comment]

Oh, so sweet!! Love this post!

And remember, TLC's Clean Sweep always says "you have the memories, you don't need the mementos." But still, the picture is such a treasure to have.


jennifer said...[Reply to comment]

That was so sweet! I am sorry about the fire though. That must have been devestating.

I know what you mean a perspective. I remember the first time that I went back to the Elementary school after I had moved up. It was in High School and I was SHOCKED at how small everything was!


We are THAT Family said...[Reply to comment]

This was so sweet! And I'm glad you discovered this photo too. I can't imagine losing memories in a fire--so sad, but makes you value the little things, huh?

a Tonggu Momma said...[Reply to comment]

My college roommate's house burned down during our junior year.

I am so, so excited for you that you still have that photo.

And you are SO, SO right... perspective is everything. Fire can twist metal beyond recognition and reduce precious objects to ashes, but you will always have your memories, which no one can take from you.

Valarie said...[Reply to comment]

Awww how sweet! She did look big compared to how little you were back then. I glad you found the photo to look back on. :)

Ramblings of Kimberly said...[Reply to comment]

Awesome that you found the photo! What a great memory!

Anonymous said...[Reply to comment]

love love love it when the old film photos can go into our digital world!! great pic;-)

Mrs. N. said...[Reply to comment]

I am not kidding, we could have passed as sisters in early childhood

D... said...[Reply to comment]

I know how you feel about your pictures. My childhood pictures were stolen. So when someone runs across one of me, I treasure it.

What a wonderful picture of you & Amanda. I'm so glad you have it.

Muthering Heights said...[Reply to comment]

What a sweet memory! I'm glad you were able to find a memento of her!

Tammy said...[Reply to comment]

Awww, that is such a good story and sounds like a great memory for you. I still have a couple of "babies" from my childhood. I can't seem to get rid of them.

Christina M. said...[Reply to comment]

What a great photo! I love Amanda. :)