Thursday, August 23, 2012

More Chick Fil A Propaganda! One dirty liberal's opinion.

(I don't really call myself a liberal. But most of my family does. Hi guys!)

Two posts in one day. It's a record!!

Okay, it's not a record. I think I've done it before. Just not lately.

But today I'm doing it.  And why?? Because I posted that last one.  And when I did, as I always do, I viewed the post on my blog so I could see how it would appear to all of the four people who might read it.

And I saw this:

A propaganda ad right there on MY BLOG!!!

When I was in 7th grade I joined academic games. I was a little bit of a dork. Whatever. I loved academic games. They taught us about propaganda and taught us how to identify it. My 12 year old brain latched on to that concept and has been holding tight ever since.

I understand that some of my posts could be labeled as a sort of propaganda. They're my opinions and I express them and I'd love it if everyone in the world agreed with me. Sort of. That might be boring.  But I'm not shady about it. It's all out there for the world to see. And in case I need to put it more bluntly: (ALERT! Dirty Liberal Opinion Ahead! Conservatives, click away now!)

I think Chick Fil A makes a darned tasty milkshake but I refuse to give them another penny of my hard earned money so they can give a portion of that penny to organizations that wish to take rights away from other citizens. 

So any way, I clicked the ad.

And it brought me to this page:

And I thought, well, of course I support everyone's RIGHT to freedom of speech and religious expression. I support rights. Pretty much all of them. Generally, I think having rights is a good thing and I'm all for them. Hooray for rights!

Did you notice what it says in the fine print at the bottom of that picture? I'll read it out loud to you, just in case.  It says "*Voting in the Chick-Fil-A freedom of speech and religious expression poll entitles you to receive conservative alerts from"

Oh joy! I love to be entitled!  

I think it's ironic that this particular conservative propaganda is using rights as a way to persuade people to agree with their hate-filled agenda. 

We have the right to take away your rights!

So yeah, don't click that, kay? Or do click it. It's your right to choose. :)

It's been a week and a half...

Not since my last blog post. Clearly, I can't manage a post more often than every few weeks. :)

It's been a week and a half that I've been sleeping like a normal person.

I sort of hate the term "normal person" as if you're supposed to feel somehow less than human if you don't do something the same way everyone else does it. Viva la resistance!

Except for in this instance.

I've talked about my desire to be a morning person before. I've tried a lot of different things to get myself on a "normal" schedule. Melatonin, warm milk, chamomile tea, exercise in the morning, exercise at night, not eating past a certain time, I could go on all day.

In the end it took a bout of ridiculous insomnia and the resulting pure exhaustion to reset my body. It's not exactly something I'd recommend, but it's just what happened.  It wasn't planned. I had actually sort of given up on that whole "normal" routine.

I don't think I slept in July. I'm fairly sure I must have dozed off a few times, but I really think there was no real sleep that happened. My brain never shut off, I never stopped thinking, worrying, obsessing over things that had to be done or created or organized or cleaned. I would lie down in bed, feeling nothing but tired, and not sleep. And when I did finally drift off, some noise, movement, something would inevitably wake me up and I'd go back to thinking.

It was really bad, y'all. It all culminated at Munchkin's birthday party a couple of weekends ago. I was going, going, going, planning, cooking, cleaning, entertaining, laughing, lathering, rinsing, repeating. And when it was all over I just collapsed into bed.

And I slept for over 12 hours. Nothing would wake me. Evidently The Man went to bed and woke up, the cat jumped on my head, the dog barked, the kids fought over who had control over the remote control. And I slept.

Ever since I've been falling asleep with no issues whatsoever every night by 11 pm. And I often wake up completely unassisted by the alarm clock around 6 am.

It is the craziest thing ever.

And it's not just awesome because I'm asleep when I'm "supposed to be sleeping" and awake when the rest of the world is bustling around. It's awesome because I am in such a better mood.

I'm becoming (I'm a little nervous to say it) a morning person. I don't even need coffee. I'm just awake. And sort of happy. 

There's no mad rush in the morning because I overslept, I'm awake before everyone else and my mornings are peaceful and calm for the first half hour. If the kids can't find their shoes I don't even snap at them. I sort of think it's funny.

I sure hope I can keep this up for... well, forever.