Friday, October 12, 2007

OMGosh! I finished working!

For once I've actually completed my work goal for the day! And I even did it by 5:00! Shocking. To celebrate, The Man and I are going to go see a movie tonight. Date night!

I'm going to see if I can get him to spring for dinner, too. ;)

So much has happened since I last posted. Where to start?

Early last month my beloved laptop started giving me problems. When I would pull something out of the USB port it would shut the computer down - and not let me restart it. We took it to Best Buy and the Geek (it's okay that I call them that, they call themselves that) behind the counter took the battery off and opened it up and did some stuff and it started up again. So I took it home and the problem happened again. The Man, a geek himself, repeated whatever the Geek Squad geek did and it started up again. We backed up all my info and took the laptop back to Best Buy for them to take it in to service it. After 3 weeks I got the call that it was repaired. YAY! I drove all the way back to the store (it's almost 20 miles away) and picked it up. It didn't boot up at the store but I was assured it was just because the battery was dead and when I got it home and plugged it in it would start right up. Trusting the geeks I took my baby home.

At home I plugged it in excited to be using it again and no dice... not even a light, a sound... NOTHING.

Back to Best Buy I went. The geek again tried to get it to start but it wouldn't happen. So he sent it back in for service. GRRR.... After another 3 weeks I got the call that it was ready again. I go into the store and they say they booted it up several times and all was well. So I asked Mr. Geek to boot it up. Didn't happen. Nothing, nada. Mr. Geek messes around with stuff for a while and poof it starts up! He give me some reason why this is all normal and I reluctantly take it home.

Now the thing barely runs. It's lagging, the USB port isn't even fixed and when it does boot up it takes about 15 minutes to start. I called Best Buy and they of course told me I need to bring it back in. *sigh*

So the other day The Man and I went and bought a new computer. I have to work while the Geek Squad figures out what is wrong and it's just been entirely too long. But I do have a pretty new computer now. :) I've never had a monitor this big... it's 20 inches! And so shiny!

Last weekend we took our annual family vacation. My side of the family takes a vacation together every year and this year we went to Atlantis Paradise Island. You'd think a vacation to the Bahamas would be relaxing, right?

We got to the airport early Friday morning and had fun taking our shoes off and stripping for the security people. When she snapped on a rubber glove I got a little nervous but we all escaped cavity checks thank goodness. Our plane sat 19 people. I knew this going in but I still wasn't prepared for the teensy tinyness of this little plane. My family took up 11 of the 19 seats and I sort of felt sorry for the other passengers. :) My family is very vibrant.

The kids ~loved~ the flight. Faces plastered to the window the whole time. I was the only person on the whole flight who didn't get a window seat. I covered my fear pretty well and didn't have a nervous break down in front of my children even though the landing in a little plane like that isn't at all the same as I'm used to. Quite an experience. The little plane was going right and left and we could look straight through to the cockpit window and see the runway coming up. I've never been so glad to have wheels touch pavement in my life. My whole family cheered and clapped. I was only slightly embarrassed. :)

After an adventurous ride from the airport to the hotel (on the left side of the road) we arrived at what can only be described as a beautiful oasis. We stayed at The Cove and it was truly just as beautiful as any picture you might find of it. Gorgeous. In the lobby where we checked in there was this beautiful wall that had water flowing down it into a little decorative pool you could sit next to. Our four year old FELL IN IT. Yes, the vacation had begun. Luckily, the nice people who work there didn't even act shocked. I quickly took him outside while The Man checked us in.

We got up to our room and it was absolutely gorgeous. The view was phenomenal! I've lived in South Florida all my life and been to the beach hundreds of times... but the waters of the Bahamas are so incredibly beautiful. Flying over them is amazing but viewing them from the balcony of your 5 star hotel room is just breathtaking.

After changing we went down to a buffet lunch and after receiving our check I was a victim of sticker shock. $130 for a buffet lunch for two adults and three kids. A little pricey. It must have been that Bacardi and Coke I ordered.

We laughed it off and went on to have fun. :) Atlantis is filled with water adventures like you wouldn't believe! I went down a slide that propelled me 14 feet down in total darkness and I screamed like a girl! So much fun. :)

The rest of the weekend was filled with much of the same... I only regret I didn't spend more time relaxing and drinking Rum Runners. I won $15 in the Casino and tried on an $81,000 diamond necklace (oh pretty pretty) and picked up a couple beautiful bracelets at the straw market in Nassau for the bargain price of $15 each.

It was over too fast. :)

Looking forward to our movie tonight... The Man's mom is watching the kids... I love her.