Friday, July 18, 2008

Partying like there's no BlogHer.

I found out from It's A Schmitty Life about Kelby Carr's BlogHer 2008 Pity Party Contest and since I'm totally bummed to not be attending BlogHer this year I thought it was a great idea. The winner gets a ticket to the BlogHer Reach Out Conference Tour of their choice and 100 free Moo Cards.

Sweet, eh? Here's the kicker.... You can't enter if you're going to BlogHer 2008. Rawkzors! See? I knew I didn't go for a reason.

It was all about the Moo cards.

And the Margaritas.

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Robin said...[Reply to comment]

Hi. I managed to sign up for the margarita bash. I'm the one with the generic picture of a man - I couldn't figure out how to upload an avatar. You guys are starting at 3am my time, but if you're still going when I wake up I'll pop by. Have a blast, and have a margarita (or 3) for me!

TZT said...[Reply to comment]

Cool! Thanks for the info!