Tuesday, July 8, 2008

The Bachelorette Finale - Spoiler City

So... I have to admit that this season I was addicted to The Bachelorette. This is only the 2nd Bachelor/Bachelorette show I've ever followed, the first being the one where Brad dumped Deanna.

evil brad breaks deanna's heart

Since I had fallen in love with Deanna on that show, I just had to watch this one where she gets to be The Bachelorette.

I didn't get to watch last night but I threatened The Man with pain of death if he tried to interrupt its recording on the DVR and I watched it upon waking today, sure that if I ventured to the Internet that I would find out the results (What? It's not headline news?).

I've been pulling for Jason since Day 1. He has an adorable son, had his heart broken by his ex-wife, was so incredibly sweet and understanding and always THERE for Deanna. He opened himself up to her 100% and I wanted her to pick him. I think he's swell.

jason and deanna

Jesse was sweet, too... but ready for marriage? Eh. He even says in the hometown visit episode that he doesn't think he's ready for marriage. I like Jesse, really, I do. I think he's a great guy. I just think Deanna needs a more grown up guy. Like Jason. Did I mention that I like Jason?

jason bachelorette

So when I watched the finale today and Jason stepped out of that limo first, my heart sort of seized up.

He's out first! No! The guy she lets go gets out first! NO!

And that's exactly what happened. Sweet, gentle, dependable, adorable Jason was let go. She totally pulled a Brad and she said she didn't want to. Heck, even Deanna admitted she pulled a Brad.

Sure, the whole Jesse proposal was sweet and I smiled and all that. But my Bachelorette heart belongs to Jason. I am heart broken. I hope I read about him finding his twu wub soon.

I can't fault Deanna for picking the man who makes her swoon. Love is love and it can't be controlled. I desperately want everything to work out for them. They looked sickeningly adorable on the After the Rose show... couldn't help but smile.

jesse and deanna - so sweet

*photo credits - ABC


mah-meeee said...[Reply to comment]

ah thanks for the summary. i only caught a few glimpse of the show and was wondering what the big 'shocker' was this time.

thanks for saving me from watching the rerun.

Jason said...[Reply to comment]

I didn't even want this show and I was cheering for Jason, for, oh, several reasons. . . . the pic of him in his swimming suit for starters!

carrie said...[Reply to comment]

I was so sad to see her send Jason home. And then part of me so wishes I were single (because he is from the Seattle area) so that I could help him "get over" her. Hee, hee. :)