Sunday, November 23, 2008

And thus the holiday memes begin...

I stole this little meme from Karen because it looked like fun and I've been feeling in the holiday spirit lately. It also seems just the PERFECT thing to post on the blog on a Sunday afternoon. :)

Behold, the rules which I have altered slightly for the new and improved Holiday version :

  • Pick A Baker's Dozen of holiday movies, because it's all about the food this time of year.
  • Go to IMDB and find a quote from each movie.
  • Post them on your blog for everyone to guess.
  • Fill in the film title once it's guessed.
This part is for the reader:
  • No Googling or using IMDB search functions.
  • Leave your answer(s) in the comments.
So here are my bakers dozen:

1. Look, I've boned a lot of fat chicks in my time, sure. But, as far back as I can remember, I've never fornicated anybody. - Bad Santa

2. You guys are dumber than a box of hair. - Trapped In Paradise

3. That's twice this month you've slipped deadly nightshade into my tea and run off. Nightmare before Christmas.

4. Can I refill your eggnog for you? Get you something to eat? Drive you out to the middle of nowhere and leave you for dead? - National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation (which happens to be my dad's favorite movie ever)

5. I want my house to be seen from space! - Deck the Halls

6. Ah, come on! It's Christmas Eve! I could be home right now, drinking this *monster* eggnog my brother makes with lighter fluid. - Better Off Dead

7. Nobody means what they say on Thanksgiving, Mom. You know that. That's what the day's supposed to be all about, right? Torture. - Home for the Holidays

8. You're skipping Christmas! Isn't that against the law? - Christmas with the Kranks

9. Yeah, that's your brother. He's 15, he likes to experiment. We still love him though. - Saving Christmas

10. My mama used to always say, 'Christmas ain't Christmas till somebody cries!' Usually that someone's me. - Shrek the Halls

11. If that's HIS sack, then why do you have it? - Ernest Saves Christmas

12. When did I become your slave? - I'll Be Home For Christmas

13. Hurry up big boy, I'm naked and I want you at least twice before Jamie gets home. - Love Actually

Have fun, y'all!


Karen said...[Reply to comment]

Oooh I love that you did this too!
4. Christmas Vacation
5. Deck the Halls
Okay, I know I know more, but I have to think harder about it.

Julie @ blessedwithfive said...[Reply to comment]

8. Christmas with the Kranks

Anonymous said...[Reply to comment]

7. - Torture.

THIS is my family.

Leanne said...[Reply to comment]

3. Nightmare before Christmas.

You've got me on the rest though. I've seen Nat Lamp loads of times and didn't even spot that one.

Anonymous said...[Reply to comment]

13--Love Actually