Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Little Fish

About the Little Fish award:
The Little Fish award is a monthly award given to one blog that is selected by a voting process. Little Fish blogs are not the most popular blogs. They're not on every blog roll in the blogosphere, but they should be. Blogs are nominated by anyone who wants to nominate one and all nominees are checked to see if they qualify.

Qualifications for the Little Fish award:
1. Nominees should not be featured on Alltop
2. Nominees should have an Alexa ranking of 1,000,000 or higher. (Here's a quick explanation.)

If you're not sure if a blog qualifies, nominate them anyway! I'll check for you. :)

If a blog has already been nominated a previous week and did not win, nominate them again! If you won the Little Fish award, I hope you'll wear your badge proudly on your blog to spread the word about the award. I also hope you'll nominate some of your favorite lesser known blogs.

Nominate blogs in the comments section of THIS post!

Voting begins on the third Tuesday of each month and the winner is announced on the first Tuesday of each month.

Little Fish Hall of Fame
Life With Three
Morningside Mom
Me and You and Ellie
She Just Had To Say It
Be the Cake
Stop Screaming, I'm Driving!

Vote for October's Little Fish here!
Nominations are now open for November's Little Fish!