Sunday, August 17, 2008

Selling Out in over 400 colors

If you're anything like me you probably have about 15 bazillion broken crayons in your house shrouded with familiar Crayola wrappers. Perhaps you've stepped all over them, perhaps you've spent hours scrubbing their marks off of your walls, perhaps you've even put one through the dryer.

Regardless of how much trouble those little yellow and green wrapped wax sticks have given you in the past, a fresh new box of them still gives you a tingly happy feeling.

I see you smiling just thinking about it.

Did you know you could spend hours perusing all of Crayola's stuff online? And you can even receive a 10% Off discount code when you sign up for email updates at!

I was shocked to see all the stuff they have on that site. Crayola has a lot more than just crayons, peeps. They really have stuff for ALL ages. Seriously.

For preschool aged kids there's an array of sidewalk chalk, Color Wonder finger paints (you know about the Color Wonder stuff, right? It only works on the Color Wonder paper so it CAN'T mess up your furniture!), and triangular crayons that won't roll off the table. I'm going to buy about 12 boxes of those to bring to restaurants. Enough of my four year old going under the table four times to retrieve the yellow crayon that just won't stay on the table!

For more advanced young artists they have oil pastels that aren't as messy as real oil pastels so you can let your child experiment with different tools. There are also specialty crafts to create with your child or let your older child go nutty with.

I was really floored with all the great stuff that Crayola has in their store. From the big box of 64 crayons with a built in sharpener to a Crayola Digital Camera to Crayola Crayon WALLPAPER, you really have to go check it out!

They offer free shipping for any order over $75 and now if you enter code B2SCHOOL at checkout you'll receive a FREE Crayola Mini Twistables Crayons with any Back to School purchase over $15!

While you're all hopped up on crayon glory, why don't you check out My kids are so happy I did, because you can go there and print out coloring pages and other crafts. If you register with their site, you'll be able to generate award certificates for your kids (homeschooling moms, these are for you!) and make cards! Also, when you register at, you'll receive a 15% discount code to use at What's stopping you?

Click over there, you know you want to. :)


Anonymous said...[Reply to comment]

THANKS!!! (and I just looked down at your sleeping pics of your babies....this is so funny- good idea;-)

Michelle@Life with Three said...[Reply to comment]

The triangular crayons -- that is absolutely brilliant!