Monday, August 18, 2008

Back to school, Tooth Pain, & Tropical Storms

Today was the first day of school. It was a little unconventional this morning since we were still finalizing all the hoopla over the gifted program and all so we had to be at Munchkin and Bug's school from last year really early to meet with a school psychologist and ESE coordinator.

Which meant we had to drop Goober off even earlier at his new school. Which meant we were up before the sun. That's always fun.

Last night Bug declared that his tooth hurt. I'm a bad mommy in this regard and I know it. About a year and a half ago I took Bug to the dentist and the dentist declared he had a cavity that needed filling. So I took Bug back to the dentist to fill said cavity and Bug lost his little mind when they tried to give him a shot of Novocaine. He freaked so violently that the dentist told me I needed to take him somewhere else. Thanks for the support, Buddy.

It was then that insurance problems happened and all kinds of mess and one thing led to another and Bug didn't go back to the dentist. I mean, come ON... the tooth was just going to fall out eventually anyhow, right?

Evidently that logic is flawed.

Yesterday Bug bit into an apple and it caused such insane pain that he has agreed to now go to the dentist and let them do whatever they need to do. Poor guy. I totally dropped the ball on this one. He's my first child so I'm kind of learning with him. Ahem...

I guess the poor little man's tooth hurt so badly that he didn't get a lot of sleep last night. I gave him some Children's Motrin to help with the pain and hopefully make him sleepy but he was still awake at 1:30 in the morning. Just laying in his bed... being awake. It was around 2:00 that I finally fell asleep and when I woke up at 6:00 poor Bug was on the couch asleep. I hated to wake him up.


Once I got them all dressed (The Man, too) I had them stand for the obligatory "First Day of School" picture. I tried and I tried to get Bug to smile... but it wasn't going to happen.


It wasn't until about 10 minutes later when they were eating their bagels that I realized I had it in my power to get Bug to smile.


Ya gotta love kids.

After breakfast we were off to school. Goober was dropped off first and announced to his new school that he was "Reporting for Duty!" with a salute. No issues with that kid at all.

Then we were on to our school psychologist meeting. I had The Man sit in the car with Munchkin and Bug while I went in for the meeting. We were still waiting on teacher evaluations from the teachers that the kids had last year and everything at the school was hub bub and chaos, being the first day and all.

Bug's evaluation came back and all looked good. Then Munchkin's came back... and there were problems. Due to the teacher's evaluation, it appeared that Munchkin will have to stay at this school for a little while. There are some questions as to her maturity level and I completely understand. I've mentioned before that she's got some attitude issues and it obviously has been spilling over to school. That and an unwillingness to apply herself are a couple of the issues that would cause her some problems in the gifted program. Her teacher this year will be working with the ESE Coordinator to try to get Munchkin over these humps and hopefully she'll be ready to move on to the gifted program next year.

It was hard to break the news to her. She had spent the whole weekend mentally preparing herself for this new change and we had to break her little heart. The poor Man had to take her to her class this morning and reassure her. I can't wait to pick her up and see how she's doing.

Next it was time to bring Bug to his new school. He got to make a fashionably late entrance to his new classroom and it was chaotic. I'm sure it wasn't anything out of the ordinary but when we walked in the teacher had all the kids unwrapping new supplies and putting together a big binder and it was just loud and crazy in there! My poor Bug looked like a fish out of water when we left him and it about broke my heart. You'd think I would have been crying about dropping Goober off at pre-school this morning... but nope, it was my older kids that had my heart today.

As The Man and I left Bug's classroom the rain started to come down. By the time we were on the road home it was pouring down and the roads were starting to flood. Hello Fay! At this point we have a good chance of schools being closed tomorrow just after they began. I'll be driving Bug to the dentist, tropical storm or not! I wonder if they have a backup generator on that drill.

So now I've got 3 kids to pick up this afternoon at 3 different schools and a tropical storm raging down on us. These are the days I just love being a mom.


mah-meeee said...[Reply to comment]

oh wow, hope his tooth is feeling better!

come on, which kid wouldn't laugh with the word'butt'? mine laughs at the word 'bottom'! :)

hang in there!

Karen said...[Reply to comment]

They just canceled our school for tomorrow. Promising start for the new year, huh?
I hope you get the tooth fixed. Our pediatric dentist gives the kids laughing gas first, then the shots. My little one had 2 cavities filled this summer, no problems. Hopefully you've found a more understanding dentist.
I'll be thinking of you and Fay!

DYSFUNCTIONAL MOM said...[Reply to comment]

Your first kid is just a practice kid, anyway. ;o)
Sounds like a crazy morning! I hope everyone had a good First Day.