Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Gummy Worms and Mexican Gum

I would have liked to have had Munchkin's birthday post up earlier but things sure have been cRaZy around here! I've hardly had a chance to read any other blogs (what have y'all been up to?) and I think my head's about to pop off my shoulders and roll across the floor.

But anyway...

Saturday was Munchkin's 7th birthday which means we partied all weekend. We started out with a little shin dig over at my mom and dad's house with my side of the family. It was to be a hamburger and hot dog pool party kind of day and Munchkin was E-X-C-I-T-E-D!

Munchkin had requested that we do make your own cupcakes (with gummy worms to decorate them, mommy!) this year in lieu of a cake. However, on the way to my mom's it occurred to me that I wouldn't have a cake to put the number 7 candle on and I wouldn't get the obligatory picture of the cake if we didn't have a cake and ohmygosh we need to get a cake! So we stopped at Publix and bought a small cake just for me Munchkin.

She picked out some special birthday ice cream to go with it.

ice cream

Munchkin had also requested that she and I make a piñata this year. I'll just digress here a moment to let you know that unless you have hours and hours and hours of free time on your hands don't ever ever agree to do this.

This is sort of how things went with our piñata.

I measure out cardboard in the shape of star, trace, cut, make a huge mess, use packing tape to stick it all together, get frustrated, finally the shape of the star emerges. Munchkin watches.

I drag out crepe paper and tissue paper in vibrant colors. Munchkin oohs and aahs and then asks where the other colors are.

I show Munchkin the painstakingly slow process of crinkling the paper around a pencil eraser, dipping it in glue and sticking it to the star form. Munchkin dictates to me that she would like pink, blue, and purple stripes here and then opposite stripes here and it should be all purple here and...

I hand Munchkin her supplies. We both start working.

I complete one point of the star. Munchkin completes one stripe on one part of one point of one star.

I keep going. Munchkin goes to watch Hannah Montana.

I get frustrated and bitch yell calmly ask her to come help with the piñata.

I keep going. Munchkin glues on two more pieces of crepe paper and declares that her fingers hurt.

I keep going. Munchkin begs to "just go buy a piñata!"

It went on like that for many hours. Finally we just started throwing crepe paper streamers on the thing all willy nilly and it looked like heck.

You can't see the back in this picture.


It was beat into smithereens anyhow.


All of the candy inside had labels written in Spanish. It was mostly gum and my sister probably hates me for giving her 3 year old a zip loc baggie full of gum she can't even read the ingredients on.


The next day we went skating... that's a whole different post.


DYSFUNCTIONAL MOM said...[Reply to comment]

What a cutie! I was thinking, making a pinata, what a cool idea! Then as I read on, I thought...never mind! lol

Big Hair Envy said...[Reply to comment]

What would Martha do if she needed to make a pinata for such a festive gathering? Have her 437 helpers make it. That's what. Then, SHE could go watch Hannah Montana.....

mah-meeee said...[Reply to comment]

you MADE the pinata? man, i must say, you are one amazing but crazy woman. (i say that with love...)