Tuesday, August 26, 2008

And another Little Fish is crowned

Wow, I'm announcing the Little Fish of the Week way later than normal because I've been just so darned busy today! We're two days into our second week of back to school and I haven't quite gotten the hang of it yet. What states do they do that "school all year round" thing? We may have to move.

Anyway... on to the Fish!

This week we had two nominees. They were:
She Just Had To Say It
Miracle Moments

These blogs are absolutely different. One is lighthearted and fun in a "just had your pedicure night out with the girls and a few bottles of decent red wine" type of way. The other is heartwarming and touching in a "curl up on the couch in your PJs and watch Lifetime with a box of Kleenex and a mug of hot tea" kind of way. So the decision was tough. Really tough.

I mean, some times you're in a night out with the girls mood and sometimes you're in a Lifetime TV mood, am I right? One is not necessarily more worthy than the other!

But blast! We had to make a decision. Cause that's the rule (that we made up). Rules are rules...

We can't help it... we're social... we chose the night out with the girls.

She Just Had To Say It takes the prize. We love you, you have been added to readers, we think you (and your new tatas) are awesome.

Here's your button. :) We hope you wear it proudly!

About the Little Fish award:
The Little Fish award is a weekly award given to a blog that makes us giddy. Little Fish blogs are not the most popular blogs. They're not on every blog roll in the blogosphere, but they should be. Blogs are nominated by anyone who wants to nominate one and all nominees are reviewed by a panel consisting of some bloggers who decided they wanted to read some great blogs. One winner is picked each week and featured here on Domestic Spaz.

Qualifications for the Little Fish award:
1. Nominees should not be featured on Alltop
2. Nominees should have an Alexa ranking of 1,000,000 or higher. (Here's a quick explanation.)

If you're not sure if a blog qualifies, nominate them anyway! We'll check for you. :)

If a blog has already been nominated a previous week and did not win, nominate them again! If you won the Little Fish award, we hope you'll wear your badge proudly on your blog to spread the word about the award. We also hope you'll nominate some of your favorite lesser known blogs.

Nominate blogs to the comments section of this post or tweet them to me on twitter!


DYSFUNCTIONAL MOM said...[Reply to comment]

I'm a big fan of She Just Had to Say It! Great choice!

Michelle@Life with Three said...[Reply to comment]

I enjoy that blog, as well. I'd like to nominate Domestic Accident for next week (www.domesticaccident.blogspot.com)

Soliloquy said...[Reply to comment]

I'm so touched! And you're in my reader now. I love your contribution to bloggy love!