Friday, August 15, 2008

Just Label Them Gifted

On Tuesday Munchkin and Bug were tested for the gifted program. Being that school starts on Monday I'll admit it was a little last minute. That's how I roll.

Both of them scored high enough so I spent the last couple of days driving all over creation, making phone calls, and basically begging people to move along on paperwork so they can start Monday at the right school. I've thoroughly annoyed receptionists, coordinators, and psychologists in my quest.

I'll be going in for the final meeting with the school psychologist at 7:30 AM on Monday morning. School starts at 8:00. I know...


Yesterday I had to review a whole new supply list (I had already purchased everything for them to attend their old school) and run out to find the new supplies in an already picked over school supply market.

But now I can officially say that my kids are smarty pants, so that's good, right? I can spend the next 10 years reminding my pretentious children that just because the school says they're "gifted" doesn't mean they should feel superior to any of the other kids. Even though secretly I'll be dropping the "gifted" word to other parents whenever I get the chance. (No, not really... I won't do that... probably... heck, I'm dropping it right now, aren't I?)

I was a gifted kid and I think it was great for me. I went to school with the same kids for almost all of my education and am still close friends with some of those kids. I don't think things were so competitive back when I was in school, though. I'm pretty sure my mom never felt inclined to "one up" the other moms she knew when comparing her kids. I'm fairly certain my mom talked more about Jack Rogers sandals and whether to use a pink or green tablecloth for her luncheon than she did about her kids.

I'm really not sure when mothering became a competitive sport. New Olympic category, anyone? The mom who has her Johnny speaking 4 languages by his third birthday wins the gold, outshining the mom who has her Amelia potty trained by six months!

But I digress.

Munchkin and Bug are a little sad that they're not going to their old school this year. Bug is sad that he'll miss his best friend and Munchkin is nervous in any unknown situation. So I'm sure it's going to be an interesting day on Monday. I'm actually a little nervous, myself.

Anyone have any ideas on how to make Munchkin (and Bug for that matter) feel less nervous starting at her new school? I'm thinking of letting her wear a little shimmery lip gloss and got her the coolest version of the school's polo shirt and khaki skirt uniform that I could find. I want her to be confident since a lot of these kids have been in the gifted program for the past two years and already know each other. She'll have adorable hair accessories and a Hannah Montana backpack and Hannah Montana pencils and folders. Anything else? Maybe you have a very cool daughter that could hand out some tips?

Bug I'm not as worried about. He makes friends everywhere he goes and doesn't seem at all concerned if some of the kids don't like him. He'll just find the ones that do and be happy. Goober has absolutely no problems making friends. Munchkin is very concerned that everyone like her, though. I just want her first day to go well.


Karen said...[Reply to comment]

Wow, you have a whole different school for the gifted kids? Damn, my kid goes one day a week to a special class, with 1st to 3rd graders all together. This will be her first year in a class with only other kids in her same grade.
Sorry no helpful hints for making new friends as it seems you've got all the bases covered already.

Big Hair Envy said...[Reply to comment]

I didn't allow Snow White to be tested for the GT program until she was in fifth grade. The only thing our school district does differently is incorporate an individual IEP for GT students. Of course, in high school, she became eligible for many different classes that others could not take.

It sounds like you have taken all precautions to ensure a smooth transition:) Good luck Monday. Snow White starts her Junior year in three weeks. I am a nervous wreck!! It really doesn't ever change........

Anonymous said...[Reply to comment]

Congratulations on your kids being enrolled G&T. That shows not only their abilities but a parent involvement in their lives.

Just give your little sweetie extra hugs and encouragement. I think until she gets there and feels comfortable there is not a lot that you can do.

Sarah said...[Reply to comment]

An adorable outfit AND hannah montana school far as I can tell she will be in like flynn!

Robin said...[Reply to comment]

I'm sure her cute new outfit and backpack will have her feeling happy and confident as she finds her way in her new school.

Good luck to all three of your kids this year! Sounds like they're in for a great one.

Putting the FUN in DysFUNctional said...[Reply to comment]

Good luck! My kids have gifted programs at their regular schools, so luckily they don't have to change schools. 2 of my 3 kids are gifted so I can't really brag too much or the 'non-gifted' one wouldn't appreciate that. The funny thing is, my 'non-gifted' kid works her butt off and gets higher grades than her gifted brother!

Mary said...[Reply to comment]

That's great there's a school for gifted in your area. I have a friend who would love that - she's had a terrible time fighting her kids' district about making accomodations for them. And you're a cool mom getting such an awesome uniform AND Hannah Montana bag!