Saturday, August 2, 2008

I'm Selling Out!

I'm starting something new here on the blog and I hope y'all will like it and come back for more. :) Every Sunday I plan to feature some stuff that I believe in and I'm calling it Sellout Sunday. That's right, I'm selling out. Yes, I will get paid if you click on these links and buy something. I promise you, though, I will never promote anything I don't believe in.

I've got to keep my little darlings up to their ears in Transformers and Hannah Montana stuff somehow!

First of all, I've put my eBay store on a 40% off sale through the 5th of August, so please go check it out! I sell mostly women's clothing but there are a few mens items and accessories in the bunch as well. There are mostly items in excellent used condition but I have a great selection of new cocktail dresses as well. Got a party to go to? I'm your girl. I also offer free shipping if you spend over $100 and are shipping to a US address and I have a money back guarantee return policy.

If you haven't heard of Preschoolians, please check them out. I just recently learned about them and unfortunately for me, all of my kids are too big to wear them. I wish I had known about them before. I had heard a billion times from my pediatrician that it was best for my children to learn to walk barefoot and it was best for the development of their feet if they were barefoot. Unfortunately, I felt I needed to protect my kids little feet from things that would hurt them if they stepped on it and from cold weather and all of that. Had I known I could have purchased the world's most flexible shoe for the same price I was dishing out for their Stride Rites, I would have jumped on it.


Not only are the Preschoolians shoes so flexible you can squish them into a ball, but they have this amazing sole that allows you to see right away whether the shoe is too tight. How many times have you asked your toddler if their shoe was too tight and gotten a blank stare or gummy grin back? Then you poke at the shoe and try to feel for a toe and you're never quite sure. With these shoes you can just look at the bottom of their feet and know right away if their toes are getting way too close to the end of those shoes. How cool is that?!?

If you sign up for their mailing list as a first time customer, you'll get 15% off your order, too!

ThinkGeek sells all kinds of toys and gadgets for the inner geek in all of us. Our favorite was this Baby Tux tee shirt that Goober used to wear, though.

Think Geek

Who doesn't want to dress their kids up in geeky tee shirts and proclaim to the world that this child is the product of two geeks? Please... it's adorable. They have shirts for big people, too, and they're pretty funny.

Last, but not least, I'd like to recommend the company I've been getting my business cards printed at for years. Overnight Prints is awesome. Their cards are absolutely beautiful and you can upload your own full color design. The prices are some of the best on the web and I think you'd be hard pressed to find the same quality for the price. I've used then for every business I've ever printed cards for and they've ALWAYS impressed me. They're super high quality paper so the cards are thick and glossy, not at all flimsy like some cards. The colors are absolutely vivid, too. They also print postcards and letterhead and all kinds of goodies. I even printed up some cards to pimp my blog (and you should, too!)

Overnight Prints

Not only do I love Overnight Prints and think y'all should just click over there and buy some cards, BUT I happen to be privy to some deals they have going on right now. Until August 11th you can use one of these three offers:

For 10 FREE Greeting Cards enter the code SUMMERGC at checkout. You could make up some birthday party invitations, birth announcements, or thank you cards for free with this code! Totally personalized!

For 100 FREE Business Cards (don't you need some for your blog?) enter the code SUMMERBC at checkout. I can't say enough about how awesome the cards are. You are simply going to love them.

For a self inking stamp for only $1.99 enter code SUMMERSIS at checkout. You can even upgrade it and get a larger stamp for $5.99 with this offer.

This concludes my very first Sellout Sunday. Next Sunday I'll keep selling out and talk about some more stuff that makes me money if you buy it. Cha ching!


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