Friday, August 15, 2008

Goober loves shots!

My Blogger Dashboard looks different this morning.

I've been frazzled, my peeps. School starts on Monday morning here and all of my 3 will be entering the school system again this year. Things have been a little crazy around here.

Goober is starting a new pre-school this year. Being that his birthday is September 12th and the school board's cut off date is September 1st, he's not eligible to enter kindergarten until next year. I was all upset about this a year or so ago but these days I'm sort of happy I'll have an extra year with him in the end.

He's so excited he can barely contain himself. He has a little box of supplies all ready to go to school on Monday with his name plastered all over everything in black Sharpie marker. This new school even has a pool and they give the kids swimming lessons once a week!

Goober had to get shots to go to school. His appointment was scheduled for Monday and on Sunday night I told him.

"Tomorrow I'm going to take you to the doctor and they're going to give you some shots."
Goober knew nothing of shots.
"Yes, and it will hurt a little but afterward we'll get you a lollipop."
"Lollipops! I LOVE shots!"
Oh boy.

Monday we sat in the waiting room with about fifty kajillion other parents and kids who all needed to get shots. Goober is a talkative little guy and he had no problem making friends with some of the other kids.

"I'm going to get shots!" He announced with glee. "I LOVE shots!"

The other kids thought he was crazy.

When we got into the exam room (after an hour and a half of the waiting room) Goober was very excited to get to pee in a cup. I was not so excited, but was thankful it was Goober and not Munchkin. Munchkin peed all over my hand when we had to do this.

Goober loves the doctor!

The doctor came in and checked him out and told me he was perfect.

Except for one little thing that I was worried about. Goober has an umbilical hernia. When he was born it was just nutty how big it was and now it's so much smaller I was sure it wasn't even a problem. It's just an outie, right?

Goober's Button

Wrong. It's still a hernia and he needs to have surgery to correct it. I'm so sad about this. My poor little guy under the knife! Our appointment with the surgeon is the 28th so I'm trying to forget about it until then.

After I was told that my little man was going to be sliced and diced, it was on to the shots!

"I LOVE shots!"

Except shots hurt and Goober wasn't exactly anticipating that. He had to have two shots in each arm and after the first one he had had ENOUGH of that shot thing.

"I HATE shots!" he cried through tears. I cried, too.

My poor little man. I got him a hot fudge sundae from McDonalds to compensate.


Anonymous said...[Reply to comment]

Oh! Poor thing! Did he get his lollipop? I would have never guessed that he still had the hernia from looking at the more recent pic. I have seen much, much bigger at four. Keeping my fingers crossed for you with that appointment.

Anonymous said...[Reply to comment]

Hi! Just do you add text below your pictures? You can email me at Thanks!

Anonymous said...[Reply to comment]

this is awesome. (i'm a rule breaker myself...he...he...)

Big Hair Envy said...[Reply to comment]

Poor Goober! I used to leave the room when my daughter got her shots. That way, the nurse was the "bad guy." Besides, I didn't want my baby to see ME cry:)

Valarie said...[Reply to comment]

Bless his little heart :( I hate shots too