Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The Next Little Fish!

This week the panel didn't have too much reading to do as it was a two blog race for the Little Fish title. With all the mess of Back to School I guess that was a good thing!

The nominees this week were:

Me and You and Ellie
Bad Mom

Deciding which Little Fish to choose is never an easy decision and that didn't change this week just because there were only two nominees. But when push comes to shove, the little fish panel has to make a decision... cause that's the rule... that we made up ourselves.

This week's winner of the Little Fish award is Me and You and Ellie. If you haven't ever read this blog you're really missing out. It's unconventional and fun and witty and real. Written by three sisters (which makes me sort of teary eyed because I, too, am one of three sisters), this blog is about life. It's about sisterhood. It's about living.

And I love it.

That's right. LOVE.

Ellie has commented on my blog a few times and I've clicked over to Me and You and Ellie to show some bloggie love when she does but it wasn't until this week that I really read it. I'm so darned happy I did.

Go check Beth, Jacquie, and Ellie out. Grab a glass of wine and just read. You'll love them, too.

Here's a badge for y'all!

About the Little Fish award:
The Little Fish award is a weekly award given to a blog that makes us giddy. Little Fish blogs are not the most popular blogs. They're not on every blog roll in the blogosphere, but they should be. Blogs are nominated by anyone who wants to nominate one and all nominees are reviewed by a panel consisting of some bloggers who decided they wanted to read some great blogs. One winner is picked each week and featured here on Domestic Spaz.

Qualifications for the Little Fish award:
1. Nominees should not be featured on Alltop
2. Nominees should have an Alexa ranking of 1,000,000 or higher.

If you're not sure if a blog qualifies, nominate them anyway! We'll check for you. :)

If a blog has already been nominated a previous week and did not win, nominate them again! If you won the Little Fish award, we hope you'll wear your badge proudly on your blog to spread the word about the award. We also hope you'll nominate some of your favorite lesser known blogs.

Nominate blogs to the comments section of this post or tweet them to me on twitter!


Anonymous said...[Reply to comment]

very cute!! Great idea!!

Anonymous said...[Reply to comment]

Well, thank you Domestic Spaz! How flattering. Jacquie, Beth and I have been having a blast.

And in the interest of full disclosure: although Jacquie and I are 2 of six sisters, Beth, unfortunately, is not one of them. We think of her as our sistah friend.

Thanks for the nod!

Anonymous said...[Reply to comment]


Can you tell a dumb farm girl,, what this is..

Nominees should have an Alexa ranking of 1,000,000 or higher

thanks...and I love reading your blog..

borsophia said...[Reply to comment]

Hi, I've been reading your posts for a while. The award is a nice idea. I'd like to nominate my sister's blog. Its called Miracle Moments and its at
She writes honestly about the joys and challenges of everyday life. She has a talent for finding positive inspiration in the midst of some of the most difficult situations

Anonymous said...[Reply to comment]

Spaz, I'd like to nominate Be The Cake at, appropriately enough, bethecake.com .