Saturday, August 9, 2008

Sellout Sunday on Saturday

It's Sunday in Australia, right?

Welcome to our 2nd edition of Sellout Sunday! It's coming to you early this week (should I call it Sellout Saturday?) because one of the promotions that I really think y'all might LOVE is expiring Sunday night and I want y'all to get a chance to use it. But read this first, peeps!

This week I'll be talking about something we're all familiar with. However, I won't get paid if you click on all those little links. I already got mine, suckas! But remember, I will never never promote anything I don't think is fantabulous, so read on! I'm not that much of a sellout. :)

So I'm sure y'all have seen the little Box Tops for Education coupons on all types of products. I've seen them, I've clipped them, I've sent them off to school with the monsters. Last year my kids loved them because our school awarded a pizza party to the class that collected the most Box Tops every month. It was kind of a big thing.

If you haven't noticed them, they're found on like fifty kajillion products and therefore you must be living under a rock or in Tanzania (where is Tanzania, anyway?) or maybe you don't actually have eyes or perhaps you're one of those rare people who actually makes everything you eat and that's why you've never seen them. But you'd still have to buy Kotex... and you can find them on there. Wouldn't you have to buy Kotex? What the heck did people do before Kotex?!

Oh my, I've digressed, haven't I?

Well if you haven't seen them before they look like this:

and you should be clipping them! Even if you're one of those wonderful mommies that home schools their kids (you absolutely are a saint), send them in for your niece, your cousin, I'm sure someone you know attends a school, right?

See, I always knew that clipping the box tops was a great idea. It earns money for my child's school which means less money begging newsletters coming home to me (in triplicate) and more educational goodies for my kids. What I didn't know was that there was a whole online marketplace of retailers that I already shop at that were willing to donate a portion of my spending to my kids school as well!

I was lovingly awarded a $50 Barnes & Noble gift card courtesy of RocketXL (which looks like maybe the coolest marketing agency ever and I would totally love to work there... I almost completed a marketing degree... call me, guys!) to check out the Box Tops Marketplace (*suhweet! free stuff!*) and it came in the mail on Friday. Being the shopping addict that I am, I logged on faster than a fourteen year old geek with a brand new WoW upgrade.

It might take you a few minutes more, though. :) First you'll need to register with the Marketplace. I know, what a pain! But seriously, how are they supposed to give $MONEY$ to your kid's school if they don't know who you are? So it's worth it, and it only take a few seconds and then you're IN. You'll even get a groovy little report card that will tell you how well your school is doing with the Box Tops program!

Now whenever you want to shop, you'll just log in and click the Marketplace tab and you'll see all the retailers you can purchase from! Office Max, Target, Circuit City, Disney, there are way too many to list! They all tell you right there how much of a percentage they will donate to your school. It's simple to just click and be redirected to the retailer of choice and start shopping, just like you've always done. Heck, you can even send flowers with 1-800-Flowers through the Marketplace.

I bought my kids school supplies from Office Max through the Box Tops Marketplace and it was easy peasy! I even paid with PayPal and should be receiving a 20% credit back from Office Max for it. Money back to the school, money back to me, can't beat that.

So give it a shot! You're going to buy stuff anyway, you might as well give some duckets back to the school.

**Now, one more thing before I sign off from this Sellout Sunday, and the reason that this post was posted a day early. That wonderful Restaurant site that I've talked about before is offering an 80% off coupon code but it ends Sunday, August 10th!

You'll be able to buy a $25 gift certificate to local restaurants of your choice for only $2.00! That's just CRAZY, don't you think? I'm heading over there to stock up before they sell out! The promotion code to enter when you check out is "FIRST".

Go save some money, peeps!