Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Little Fish Announcement Time!

This week's decision was TOUGH. We only had three nominees but they were super high quality nominees. The Little Fish Panel deliberated and finally we chose the fish we thought stood out above the rest, if only just a little bit. :)

The nominees were
Backpacking Dad
The Jason Show

And honestly? Seriously? Go read them all. Subscribe to them right now because this trio of bloggers will have you captivated.

But alas, a winner must be chosen and therefore we chose.


Melizzard took the prize. We all found our hearts fluttering while reading her posts and being drawn into life with her family. She's got five new subscribers in the Little Fish Panel and hopefully a whole lot more with y'all. So if you don't already love Melizzard you're about to. Cause you won't be able to help it.

Here's some code for you, Melizzard! We hope you'll wear your Little Fish badge proudly!

We hope to get more nominees this week! I'll close the nominees out at a maximum of 8 so we have time to read them, so please nominate your favorite lesser known bloggers in the comments section of this post, or tweet them to me on twitter!

Qualifications for nominees are:
1. Nominees must have an Alexa ranking of over 1,000,000.
2. Nominees must not be featured on Alltop.

*bribe* Everyone who nominates and all the nominees get a link back from my blog in the sidebar! */bribe*

Special thanks to the Little Fish Panel! Bio Girl, Apron Strings & Angst, See the Woods and the Trees, and Mah-meee! If you'd like to be a member of the Little Fish Panel, go join up at The Place for my Peeps and join the Little Fish Panel Group!

*Nominations are closed, thanks y'all!*


Backpacking Dad said...[Reply to comment]

Many thanks to the panel for nominating me and for awarding me this Little Fish Awa......hang on. What do you mean I didn't win? Seriously? But, I'm here? I'm in my best pajamas! I wrote a speech and everything.

:} j/k.

Thank you very much, folks. This is a really cool idea and I hope it takes off like a duck with a butt full of tabasco.

Rachel said...[Reply to comment]

What a cute award. congrats to the winner.
I will go check her out in a sec.
One question, what the heck is alexa?
K,thanks ;-)

Melizzard said...[Reply to comment]

Oh my Goodness!!! I was having one of those totally crappy work days where to gazillion things were dumped on me and I didn't have a second to spare to take a peek into the blogging world all day.

Then I come downstairs all fussy tonight and I find this!!!! What a wonderful surprise!! I'm totally thrilled.

And OMG I'm a complete BackpackingDad-aholic so I just sitting here in disbelief. Seriously!

I'll be breaking open a bottle of wine and getting to know The Jason Show right after I roll up my sleeves and figure out how to post that badge! I'm just a CSS dufus but I'll get it on there if it takes me all night.

Jumping up and down and trying to hug all the panel members from here.

Anonymous said...[Reply to comment]



Anonymous said...[Reply to comment]

I dont blog but my friend does and I think she is "lesser" known but she is blogging about F'in Hemoroids for Christs sake-she at least deserves a peek