Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Not Fasting

To answer Robin I have to say "No... the juice fast does NOT make you stop being hungry."

I was doing great. Really, I was. Just sipping my juice, feeling great, ignoring my hunger. Until it came time to make dinner. This is where the fasting always bites me in the butt. I was weak, I was starving.

I decided to make them all Chicken Piccata on homemade pasta. I was doing okay as I added the eggs and flour into the mixer to make the dough. I was fine all the way up until I cut those beautiful strips of soft pasta. Oh pasta, how I love thee.

They were so very soft, such a beautiful light tan color, so very perfect were my strips of linguine.

And then came the chicken. Browned so perfectly on the stove, even the fact that I am a practicing vegetarian didn't stop my mouth from watering. I could smell the lemon sauce, the butter... I think one of the capers winked at me.

It was the garlic rolls that put me over the edge. They were glistening in the oven, wafting a luscious garlic into my nose and tempting me... teasing me... I swear, I think I may have been drooling.

Before I knew it I was heating up some fake chicken strips and fixing myself a plate. I was on autopilot... and I ate... and it was so good.

So yes, Robin, I was still hungry. I failed in my juice fast... and I think I've learned a lesson. You see, I've been studying Buddhism so much lately and have specifically focused on The Middle Way which to me, is really the foundation of Buddhism. It smacked me in the face after I sat on the couch, my belly full of scrumptious linguine and Chik'N... fasting is not The Middle Way. Fasting is an extreme. Fasting is not what my body wants, it does not make me strong, it does not help me.

So I'm not fasting anymore... I'm just plain going to eat right. I haven't outlined my plan completely yet... but I will soon and I'll post my guidelines. :)


Raw Food Diva said...[Reply to comment]

hello! I have done so much juice fasting and it is very hard to do when You have to make food for others.the most succesfull ones I have ever had is when I go to some hotsprings place by myself.

Robin said...[Reply to comment]

Fresh pasta is generally what does my dieting attempts in too.

What you said about the middle way makes sense, but boy do I often wish there was an easier way. I just don't do deprivation very well...