Tuesday, January 15, 2008

My New Hero

As I said before I've been spending some time perusing blogs and found one by a mom who I am now deeming my new hero.

White Trash Mom, you've earned it. You captivated me this morning with your definition of Muffia (which by the way, should really be updated on Urban Dictionary because their definition is so incredibly not correct), made me literally LOL at your Weird and Random White Trash Mom Facts, and completely indulged my procrastination fetish by introducing me to LINKSATIONAL.

I can't wait to have more time to read your blog further but I do actually have to do some work today.


Manic Mom said...[Reply to comment]

Hey Slacker Mom, just wanted to say thanks for the comment about my novel today. It came at an especially nice time, immediately after I received a rejection from an editor through my agent, so it was nice to hear from a reader who was asking when it would be published! I hope so someday!

Thanks again for reading some of my stuff! : )