Saturday, January 26, 2008

The Beach

We're going to the beach today. You see, my parents purchased a beach front condo many years ago and they head up there for weekends probably twice a month. Every once in a while the family decides to meet up there for a day of fun at the beach. Usually I'm happy to go... but this week I fell WAY behind with work and really hoped to make it up this weekend.

Thursday I got a voice mail...

Hey honey, it's Dad. Your mom and I will be up at the condo this weekend and we'd really like you guys to come up and visit.

Notice he doesn't actually ask if we'd like to go. There is no question mark. No, it is said matter of factly. He wants us there and we should definitely head up there.

I sort of just conveniently forgot about the voice mail and hoped maybe he'd forget, too. Until yesterday when driving home from an exhausting day of sourcing inventory my cell phone rang again.

Well! I'm so glad I could get a hold of you!

Me, too....


Did you get my voicemail?

Yeah, I did, Dad. I just don't think we'll be able to make it this weekend. I have so much to do at home and I have to get some work done tomorrow.

Long pause...

You know... some day your mother and I will be in the grave and you'll wish you spent more time with us...

(Keep in mind I am over at my mom and dad's house at least once a week helping mom with something or dropping off something or just saying hi... they are not neglected in any way...)

Wow Dad... you're really laying the guilt on thick this time.

After a brief conversation with my sister about the guilt trip he laid on her we succumbed to the guilt. We'll be up there at 2:00.

I'm going to take lots of pictures and enjoy myself. Maybe I'll even have a beer!