Thursday, January 24, 2008

Holy Jeez!

I've been out of commission for a few days. Okay... several days. But I'm okay! I'm sure all two of you that might be reading this have been terribly worried.

Really, life just got ahead of me. The kids had this long weekend that included Friday off and then Monday and then here's a kicker - they have a half day today. What the crap is that all about?

I've completely ignored Meatless Munchies, though I did make a super vegetarian chili last night that I'll be posting there today. Delicious. Sometime soon I'm making truffles.

But enough about my accomplishments.

The other day I went to Target with Goober. For some reason Goober loves Target. Whenever we pass that big red bullseye he pleads that we turn in. The other day we went because I had promised to buy him a new Doc because he had left his old one in the driveway and I ran over him. Oops.

I know, it wasn't my fault. He shouldn't leave his toys in the driveway. However, I found it adorable that he had parked the car in the driveway. How cute is that??

Anyhow, so we went to Target and I got him his new Doc (and a new Dinoco Blue Lightning McQueen, too... because I'm a sucker) and a few groceries and we were out of there.

That was Tuesday. Yesterday I didn't leave the house all day. I got a ton of work done and was still working around 5 PM when I begged The Man to take Bug to his cub scout meeting so I could make dinner instead of sitting at the meeting. They left and arrived back home at 7 PM. The first thing The Man said to me upon walking in the door was "Did you lose something?"

Hmm... I don't think so. I mean, there's my purse over there, I still have my pants on... no, I think I'm good.

"Your phone, perhaps?"

My phone? Hmm... my phone... it has been rather quiet today, hasn't it? No incessant ringing, no text message alerts, I've gotten so much done today....

"Yeah, Frank has it. You'd better call him."

Frank? Who the crap is Frank?

Turns out Frank is a street sweeper guy. A very nice street sweeper guy who picked my phone up in the Target parking lot and did not try to pawn it or sell it for crack. He had been answering it all day trying to get it back to me and it wasn't until one of my friends actually called The Man's cell phone and informed him that Frank had my phone that I ever realized it was gone.

Frank works nights (that's what street sweeper guys do) and told me he'd be in my area around 10 PM. So The Man and I packed up the kids in the car in their PJs with their brushed teeth and went to pick up my phone. I was scared to go pick it up by myself. Safety in numbers, yanno?

The Man gave Frank $40 for his trouble. Thanks Frank.