Tuesday, January 15, 2008

The New Blog

I've started a new blog about FOOD. Since deciding to venture out into the cold, dark world of vegetarianism I decided I'd like to force myself to try new vegetarian recipes and stop relying completely on Morningstar Farms and the Boca company. Seriously.

So I started Meatless Munchies, where I will make a four course meal every week and post my recipes and what all of us here think about it.

So last night I made my first two posts.... an introduction and the first recipe. This morning I spent some time looking through other food blogs and mom blogs and realized how completely amateur mine really are. That's okay, a little humility never hurt anyone.

Today I discovered a pack of crayons on the ground (isn't that where you keep YOUR crayons?). They were Crayola Silly Scents crayons.


My first thought was "Where the crap did those come from?" Ah yes... Christmas. The time of year your children receive so much additional stuff you have no idea where the crap anything comes from.

My second thought was "Shouldn't we be teaching the children NOT to sniff crayons or any other writing utensil?"

And then I remembered them... so popular in my childhood it's no wonder my generation began sniffing everything they could get ahold of.


Yes... there they are. The infamous Mr. Sketch Scented Markers. Oh I can still smell Green Apple right now. Watermelon and Grape were two of my other favorites. And who can forget the Black Licorice marker! I vividly remember sitting on the brown and gold shag carpet of our wood paneled living room with a clean white piece of paper (aside from the State Farm logo in the corner) that my dad brought home from the office. I would slide that happy scented rainbow of color, nestled snugly in it's white Styrofoam nest, out of the cardboard box (it looked just like the picture above!) and carefully select my first marker. Popping off the cap and inserting it into the butt of the marker I would begin to make my fruity scented masterpiece. Oh Mr. Sketch... I love you so.

I'm gonna have to get me a box before they're discontinued. It's only a matter of time!