Thursday, January 24, 2008

Thursday Thirteen

Because I love procrastination and doing a Thursday Thirteen post will surely allow some more of it, I feel the need to join.

Thirteen Things I Should Be Doing Other Than This:
1. Shipping packages. I have 25 packages to get together today for shipment and if I don't get them out today I'll have a bunch of fun emails. :P
2. Listing auctions. Oh some days it's so hard to be an eBay seller. I just want to read and blog and watch TV.
3. Cleaning my kitchen. I mean really... I have to make a post for my other blog and I don't want to do it because I don't want to take pictures of my kitchen. It needs a thorough scrub down.
4. Laundry. There are more clothes in our laundry room right now than there are in our closets.
5. Exercising. I haven't been to the gym since September. :)
6. Meditating. The Man bought me this wonderful meditation cushion set for Christmas and I've barely used it. :( It's so pretty.
7. Cleaning my desk. The Man and I both have a desk in this office. His is nice and clean, mine is littered with coffee mugs, assorted desk toys, small electronic devices, and papers. It's ridiculous.
8. Playing with Goober. My poor Goober's montessori school was unexpectedly closed in October because of zoning issues with the town they had recently moved into. He has been entertained daily by Blue's Clues and Dora the Explorer and though his Spanish is progressing quite nicely, he really could use some human contact not from Joe.


9. Cleaning out the van. The van has been on two road trips since the last time I thoroughly cleaned it. I'm embarrassed to take it to get its oil changed.
10. Organizing inventory. Is that listed? Did I sell that? It's time... with 1000s of dresses it can get a little confusing in here.
11. Shopping. Seriously, this is my job. I get to shop for a living. You'd think I'd be thrilled.
12. Making truffles. I want so badly to try Emilie's truffles! I'm going to try to get to it tonight and feature it on MM. Don't they look beautiful?
13. Sleeping - okay so maybe I shouldn't be sleeping, but I'd sure love to be. :) The Man is sleeping right now and I'm sure he's so warm and cuddly. I wonder what Goober might do to the house if I just took a little nap....

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