Sunday, June 29, 2008

WALL-E, Watermelon, & Wet Tissues

We saw WALL-E last night at the drive in and I have to tell you, it was great. It made me cry. It's the first time Pixar has ever made me cry.

Before I get to how beautiful the film was, I'd like to speak of our drive-in experience.

drive in marquee

I've talked about the drive-in before and of my love of the drive in. Last night was a little different. I guess they expected a HUGE turnout for WALL-E so we were packed in a little more than usual.

When I first pulled in I parked a comfortable distance away from the truck next to us. A "Security Man" with a big red light-up stick thing asked if I could park about a foot closer to the truck. So I pulled closer with a smile. Then he asked if I could get even closer, which I grumbled a bit about, but did. THEN HE ASKED IF I COULD PULL CLOSER!!! I was already close enough to reach out of the window and pet their kids on their heads if I wanted to. Security Man said "We're going to be really packed in tonight!"

"Fine," I snapped "I'll give you another half inch."

I pulled out and pulled back in exactly where I was before.

"That's all you get."

The Man thinks I was being nasty. I think I was standing up for myself. The poor woman in the blue truck had to squeeze out of her truck to get out because we were parked so close to her. They were friendly people, though, and Munchkin made friends with their daughter and was invited to climb up and sit in chairs in the back of their truck for the movie which was a BIG HIT!

The people who pulled in on the other side of us also parked a comfortable distance away from us until Mr. Security came over and barked at them, too.

Just before this, Goober had climbed up into our close neighbor's truck to follow Munchkin and had fallen out of the big 4x4 and scraped his forehead up on the gravel below. I was busy cleaning him up (he didn't even cry... such a tough kid) when Mr. Security came over to tell me to move my chair. I had our chairs put out so we could all see the movie and Mr. Security informed me that our chairs weren't supposed to be out past the end of our car and that I would have to move my chair. I literally moved the chair 1/4 inch and gave him a look that dared him to say another word.

I'm cleaning blood off of my 4 year old's face for goodness sakes! Timing, Mr. Security, timing is everything.

Anyhow, once we were all packed in and parked and chairs and coolers were out the fun began. We dished out the pizza, the 4x4 neighbors ate burgers, and the people on the other side of us ate watermelon. We know they ate watermelon because the adult female figure of the bunch loudly exclaimed to her children that she had watermelon. I think she said it twelve times.



This woman had a volume control issue. Throughout the movie, seemingly especially at quiet points of the movie she would yell back at her kids "ARE YOU SHARING? HAVE YOU SHARED WITH HER!?!"

It was like watching the movie with a day care employee.

WALL-E, however, was beautiful. For a good portion of the movie there are no words... just the sounds of WALL-E, the robot. The sounds, though, are so endearing and full of emotion that you just fall in love with the little guy. I'm no movie critic and I'm not going to go into a solid review (you can find glowing ones all over the Internet), but I will say that it was a great movie. It would have been hard not to love WALL-E and hard not to feel emotion watching him experience his own emotions. Pack up the kiddos and go see it. Seriously.


Leanne said...[Reply to comment]

Aah the power hungry security demon. I don't know about Florida but you just know the ones here were quite possibly the kid who was picked on in school. It's easier to just let them have their wee Napolean moment I find.

Manic Mom said...[Reply to comment]

OK! I am soooo going to take the kids to see this movie! THanks for the recommendation!

And I'm cracking up over the watermelon chick and the fact that you secretly took pics of her! LOL!

mah-meeee said...[Reply to comment]


i love that you actually took pictures of her and the watermelon.

but seriously that loud voice at a drive in would drive me nuts.