Friday, June 6, 2008

More reasons why Fly Lady is evil.

Okay... so maybe the actual Fly Lady isn't evil. Maybe it's just her followers that are evil. Maybe evil is too harsh a word. Maybe I'll just use the words "petty" and "childish" and "high-schoolesque" to name a few.

I've posted before about why Fly Lady doesn't work for me... but now I have more to say.

I've been reading SAHMmy's blog for a while now and been thinking about joining in on her 365 day clutter challenge. I haven't done it because I haven't been motivated until now.

Now I'm motivated due to pure injustice.

You see, it seems that a little clique of FlyLadies have themselves a forum. On this forum they have hosted their own little 365 day decluttering challenge. They evidently started theirs first. AND THEY WANT YOU ALL TO KNOW THAT!!!

Because the Internet isn't big enough for more than one person to host a challenge. Because only people associated with the Fly Lady cult should have houses free of clutter. Because that idea is so unique that SAHMmy MUST have stolen it.


So I'm going to join SAHMmy with her clutter challenge. I'm going to use her cute little button and I'm going to link it back to HER site. In the process I'm going to rid myself of clutter. Rock on.

So here we go... Day 1 for me... I've purged a container of fish food from a fish that died years ago and the container of medicine that didn't keep him alive. I feel free and cleaner already.

You should try it! Really!

P.S. My sink is a WRECK right now. HA!


SAHMmy Says said...[Reply to comment]

I couldn't have said it better myself. Thanks so much for the support--and great rant!
I'm cracking up over your first decluttering items--priceless!

SurfJedi said...[Reply to comment]

We should all declutter our internet browsers too, since they are cluttered by FlyLadies. lol.

Jenny said...[Reply to comment]

my suggestion for decluttering daily is to not buy something every day, then you won't need to throw it away later