Friday, March 11, 2011

Hopefully karma will catch up with him sooner than later

Below is a copy of an email I just received from a local privately owned non profit animal clinic in our area. I have never, personally, used this clinic myself but I did make an appointment with them when we first got Sudo to have him neutered. Since Sudo got picked up by Animal Care & Control before the appointment ever came to be, we canceled it. But Paws 2 Help was AWESOME as far as making the appointment and refunding what I paid. They're an awesome organization that is truly there for the animals and receiving this email just sickens me. I've shopped at their thrift store and will do everything I can to support them.

If you can help them by spreading the word about this horrible situation, please do so!

Surgeon Saved Life of Dog and Owner Robs Clinic...

The owner of dog stole the days earnings, after our surgeon performed a life-saving
operation late into the evening yesterday Thursday, March 11.

The owner left at 9:30 pm and at 9:42 pm the register was found empty with the total sum missing being $1,069.

The owner of the dog was called at 10:30 pm. When answered, it was implied that there was a video that he would be interested in seeing, and was asked to return to the clinic. The owner then admitted to taking the money and would return it last night.

The police were notified and interviewed staff, but the lack of cameras, the robbery could not be proved. When the owner gained the knowledge that we did in fact not have camera's the owner vehemently denied it.

The operation that we performed on the owners dog would have cost between $1500 - $2000, but was only charged $250.

Due to possible repercussions, Paws 2 Help was informed that the owners detailed information can not be disclosed. The owner is a 6 foot black male/female that lives on Center Stone Lane in Rivera Beach and is employed at St. Mary's Hospital in West Palm Beach.

Please help us to bring this unfortunate incident to the attention of the public, as this person should to be held accountable and prevented from committing this act again. If his conscience does not provoke him then Karma will.

As Paws 2 Help is strictly a 501 (c) 3 not for profit organization and assistance would be greatly appreciated to acquire the much needed security cameras. Donations of any amount to help offset the loss due to this incident would also be appreciated.

Thank you, Paws 2 Help


the_happy_hausfrau said...[Reply to comment]

What a crock. I hope they get some justice. Please let us know!