Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The golden bed time hour at the Spaz house... now with fancy artwork!

Bed time here at the Spaz house is 8 pm sharp. I've been told that is a little early for most kids, but only by parents who have, like, 1 kid and therefore have no idea what they are talking about. By 8 pm I'm ready to be done with mom duties for the day and it is time for bed.

Every night around 7:45 I remind the kids it's time to get ready for bed. Typically, at this time, I'm trying to get some work done so I just casually call out the door of my office and hope they give a damn.

They don't.

So at 8:00 I give them the solid command.

One of them might brush their teeth at this point. If I'm lucky. Usually, though, they don't stop playing with LEGOs or Club Penguin until I get a little frazzled. Around 8:15 I give my second warning.

Usually this gets them to at least get ready for bed. Teeth will be brushed, they'll come in and kiss me goodnight. They may even go to the correct bedroom. But in bed? No. 8:30 rolls around and I become loud mommy.

Loud mommy typically gets them in bed. They'll be all snuggled in and I think I can breathe. I start to relax and then around 8:45 I hear something. Maybe a giggle, maybe a clink of a LEGO, maybe one of them decided that they're so incredibly thirsty that they MUST HAVE A GLASS OF WATER NOW OR THEY WILL DIE.

And that's when loud and scary mommy comes out.

This typically brings on tears from at least one kid. The others cower in their beds. My eyes start to twitch and I feel like I may, in fact, actually, truly lose it. They go to bed. And I try to calm down.

And usually around 9 pm I hear something else. A whisper from one brother to another or to the dog or to the cat. And I give up. They're petrified to actually leave their beds at this point and they'll fall asleep eventually.


Bonnie said...[Reply to comment]

Beth, this made me laugh here at my desk in front of everyone!!! This is sooo true. I can remember doing the same exact things with Katie and Sarah!