Tuesday, March 22, 2011

It's sort of like stream of consciousness or something...

I don't have anything to say today. I mean, I have tons of things to say... but nothing that's really worthy of its own blog post.

So I'll leave you with snippets.

I stepped on two pieces of glass yesterday. Two. No one else stepped on any, but I got to step on two. Both in the same foot. I limp now.

It's 1:21 AM as I write this and I don't know why I'm not sleeping. Tomorrow Bug starts regular school again and I have to make sure I get up on time. He can't be late on the first day back. I mean, Munchkin and Goober's teachers already realize I'm a basket case, but with Bug's I have a fresh start.

Backpacks are expensive. I paid $20 for a backpack today and that was the cheap one. And you know it's only going to last for a few weeks before it rips or something. I should just suck it up and buy them all good ones that will last forever, but my kids are so fickle. I had a black JanSport backpack that I think I got in 7th grade and I used it all the way through college. Do they still make them that well?

I planned a two months worth of Girl Scout meetings in like a half hour today. I'm so proud of myself I can barely contain myself. Anyone else a girl scout leader? These Journey things are awesome. It basically plans itself. Huzzah!

The Man and his brother are watching Big Love and it's way too loud. I can't imagine what the kids are dreaming about. Polygamy and Lynn Anderson, I guess.

Today I saw a woman at Goodwill with the coolest hair I've ever seen. It wasn't real, it was totally a weave. But it was the coolest weave EVER. It was like thirteen different colors and huge and was probably really expensive. If I was a betting woman I'd wager that she worked nights, but man I wish I could pull something like that off.

We canceled our cable (they're watching a DVD) and it's probably the best decision we've ever made. The kids aren't watching crap all day and I get so much more work done. Mostly anything I really want to watch I can stream online so I'm not really even missing anything.

Almost. Bravo sort of sucks as far as the streaming goes. They're streaming the first episode of Bethenny Ever After and they still haven't put up any episodes of The Real Housewives of Miami. Why won't they get with the program? I miss my Bethenny!!

Chick Fil A has Banana Pudding milkshakes. Have you had one of these? They are delicious. But very very sweet. I made it about a 1/3 of the way through a small and had to pass it off to The Man.

I bought Fish Eye chardonnay in a box. It was $15 and has the equivalent of FOUR bottles of wine. And it keeps for way longer than I need it to, that's for sure. I'm in love, y'all. I think I'm gonna go get a glass of it and take a hot bath before I go to bed. Yep, I'm going to go do that. :)