Friday, March 18, 2011

Where I go all ninja on some tech guy and make him wish he had never met the likes of me... but not really

The Man is a techno-geek. He's one of those people who squirms in his seat with anticipation when a new device of awesome is about to hit the stores. He believes himself to be above all Apple products, so don't ask him to help you with your iPhone. He will scoff at you.


In fact, he can't understand why I love my Blackberry better than his annoying glossy black smart phone that I've been forced to use lately. He absolutely cannot fathom why someone wouldn't want to "root" their device, because "you can have more CONTROL over it" if you do.

I'm perfectly happy with the amount of control the manufacturer deems appropriate, thanks.

So The Man has this super-fantastic 4G can do everything Android device phone. It can navigate him to the closest chinese take out place, organize his entire life, play Angry Birds, and wipe his derriere. It's awesome, whatever.

Except for the fact that he lost it.

So anyway, he had to get his phone replaced. It came in the mail today and I got to spend forever on the phone with someone clearly not located in this country to try to get his new phone activated.

Communication breakdown, egads. I almost threw the phone through a window.

For some reason whenever The Man or I have to activate a phone it can never be done the simple way. There's an option on their website to just enter in the little DEC number (which is impossibly small and difficult to read) and the phone should just be activated in a jiffy.

That never works for us.


It always requires a call to customer service, where some guy talks to me like I'm a moron. And then when that tech's efforts fail, I'm always directed to a higher tier technician who walks me through the inner programming of the phone, which finally works.

Today the tech guy located in Bangladesh refused to believe that the phone wasn't activated after the first try. He assured me that if I just dialed this magic 1-888 number that I'd be able to walk through some prompts and all would be well. And even when I told him that dialing the 1-888 number or any other freaking number only gave me a pleasant sounding voice telling me my phone was not activated, he refused to believe me.

I wanted to punch him in the throat.

Finally, we corrected the problem and all is well for The Man who happily has his super fantabulous awesome butt wiping phone again. Next time he's calling them himself.