Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Child Free Thanksgiving

Later today (much later... it's midnight as I'm posting this) I will pick my children up from their bus stops and from their pre-school and I will drive them to my sister's house. I will hand my brother-in-law two bags and assorted pillows and blankies and I will kiss my children goodbye and they will climb into my brother-in-law's silver SUV and drive far far away and I will not see them until Monday night.

And I have mixed feelings about this.

A good portion of me, maybe even more than half of me, is excited. The Man and I can go out, we can stay out all night, we could get drunk and do dirty things on our kitchen floor! We won't do dirty things on the kitchen floor, though... we're just not like that. But we could!

I'm planning on cleaning the kids rooms out and throwing out all their broken toys and organizing stuff and putting up our Christmas decorations. I'm going to create a schedule and make a new chore chart for them and I'm going to enjoy some time sitting in my living room reading a book without being interrupted once.

I'm going to sleep in and enjoy silence. It's going to be great!

Then there is this other portion of me. This other portion is beginning to feel a little angsty. This is the portion that reminds them to put on their seatbelts and don't distract Uncle B1 when he's driving and call me as SOON as you get there! and don't forget to wear your jacket when you go outside and eat your vegetables and mind your manners and be sure to call me every day.

This part misses them already.

I'm trying to shove that portion of me in a closet and lock the door.

PS - I went ahead and filled in the leftover answers to the Holiday Movie Meme in case anyone was just dying of curiosity. :)


Leanne said...[Reply to comment]

I know how you feel. I have Thursday and Friday off work this week. I'm planning on sending toots to daycare on Thursday (cause it's paid in advance) and because I can get a ton of stuff done around the house, then we're taking her out on Friday for a treat, but I still feel really guilty that I'll be at home all of 200 yards away while she's in daycare.