Friday, November 21, 2008

Another Day In The Life of the Spaz

I'm alive y'all!

I mean, seriously, I haven't posted for a week! Crazy... have y'all missed me?

Today was again one of those days. One of those days that make you wonder if there is some karmic force punishing you for something bad you did in a past life.

It started out okay... I was up so late last night that I started to hear traffic from people going to work before I went to sleep. So The Man took the kids to school in the morning, stopping at the grocery store to pick up two cans of whipped cream for Goober's Pow Wow and making sure Bug could get on the bus with his giant science fair project, so I could sleep in.

I slept in till after noon and awoke feeling refreshed and rested.

Shortly after the older kids came home from school I discovered that Bug has been telling his teacher that he doesn't have enough time at home to complete his homework after reading a note his teacher sent home. Donthca just love how kids like to pitch their parents as the bad guys? The way it read was that The Man and I are just filling this child's time up with senseless activities and making it impossible for him to do his work.

Except that Bug comes home from school every day at quarter to 3 and is required to sit down immediately to do his homework. On the off chance that we actually have to leave the house within the next couple of hours after he gets home, he always brings any homework he has left with him and does it on the way. So if he's not doing his work, it's because he's telling us he doesn't have any. And frankly, I'm shocked he's learned to manipulate the system this early.

Later I went to the grocery store for a few things. The Man requested an all dark meat container of fried chicken from the deli so it was my first stop at the store. Of course there was none ready to grab so the guy behind the counter went to check on the status for me. He informed me that there was no "all dark" left but the "mixed" would be ready in 20 minutes. After being perplexed about how they could make mixed containers but not dark containers, I went off to get the other things I came for. 10 minutes later I was done filling up my cart and went back to the deli to check on the chicken. As I approached the counter the guy was telling another customer how it would be 20 minutes until the chicken was ready. And I got all pissy because they had told me that 10 minutes before. And then I expressed my pissiness and then I learned they were talking about some completely different chicken.


So then I left without the chicken because I was afraid they would spit in mine.

And then I went to the checkout and discovered that I had left my wallet next to the computer where I had earlier in the day ordered something online. So I had no way to pay for my cartload of groceries.


They held my groceries for me while I drove all the way home, got my wallet, and drove all the way back.

And then I got clam chowder all over my kitchen... and all over my legs... and all over my flip flops. See, The Man made himself some chowder this afternoon. But he didn't make the whole can of chowder so, being the thrifty guy he is, he saved the leftover half a cup of chowder in the fridge. Not in a container with a lid or anything... nope, right there in the can. So while putting away the groceries, I bumped the can and it went flying.

And I hate the smell of clam chowder. So I had to lose my mind right there in the kitchen and cry.

But on a brighter note, my sister is planning on taking all 3 of my children to North Carolina for a week to have Thanksgiving with my family and The Man and I will stay here awaiting the birth of my best friend's firstborn. So I'm looking forward to a little serenity. :)


Leanne said...[Reply to comment]

Been there girl. I've had a couple of days off work this week and strangely enough can't seem to find the time to post anything even though in theory I've had an extra 10 hours a day to play with. Oh well.