Friday, September 26, 2008

Bad parenting and stinky trash

Yesterday we decided to purchase some beach type shoes for the kids for our upcoming vacation. For this reason, The Man and I took the van to pick the kids up from their bus stops. Again I pulled up to Munchkin's stop and all the vans and SUVs lined the road. The bus pulled up and all the kids, including Munchkin, got off the bus and ran to their cars.

Again I pulled up to Bug's stop and all the vans and SUVs lined the road. The bus pulled up, all the parents jumped from their cars and walked up to the bus to collect their children. Bug got off of the bus last escorted by the bus attendant.


I got out of the van and met them half way.

"You're going to need to walk up to the bus and pick him up. Cars could hit him. Someone could turn that corner right there and hit him."

So, of course, I nodded and consented that from now on, I'll get out of the car and meet him at the bus. Even though I have another child in the car.

Then I considered telling her I have a handicapped child in the car... yeah...

Then I mentally smacked myself upside the head.

But what I really was thinking? Why are we BABYING our kids?! I would hope that Bug, at 8, would have enough good common sense to look to see if any cars are coming. I know I can't speak for other drivers but I would hope that anyone seeing a school bus letting kids off would obey the law and STOP. But I know people pass stopped school buses all the time. And I know that 8 year olds don't pay attention to traffic all the time. And I can see how the combination could be deadly.

So I'll get out of the van and walk up to the bus and baby my son. Hopefully he'll learn to cross a street by himself before he turns 30.

I get to wear my irresponsible bad mom badge again. Yay.

In odd news, last night when we returned home from a late Brownie meeting, we were greeted by our trash can sitting right next to our mailbox. Not the new trash can we just purchased to replace the trash cans that were stolen. Nope, one (not both) of the ones that were stolen was sitting there next to our mailbox.

And here's the kicker.

It still had our trash in it.

The Man said he feels like he needs to give his trash can a bath.

Any theories on that? Cause I'm plum out. The trash does not appear to be tampered with... but then again, who really knows? If someone was going for identity theft I'm sort of snickering at them for picking our trash. We don't ever throw that stuff away anyhow, so I doubt they would have gotten any information.


Karen said...[Reply to comment]

Trash can back with the trash? That is bizarre!
And I can not believe they asked you to walk up to the bus.
That is almost as disturbing as the full trash can.

Anonymous said...[Reply to comment]

Really? This just gets curiouser and curiouser...

Unknown said...[Reply to comment]

Well I'm befuddled.

Robin said...[Reply to comment]

Here it's the law that children cannot cross the street unattended until age 9 (and it's necessary - drivers here are awful) but there's no reason in the world they can't walk down the sidewalk on that same side of the street.

As far as the trash goes, I'm baffled. And more than a little weirded out.

Anonymous said...[Reply to comment]

I'm SO with you on the Baby-ing our kids. I meant to comment on your last post, too! Babying them does them no favors!!

When I told my MIL recently that my daughter did well on her first day at preschool she said "oh, she stayed the whole time?!" and I thought "of course! Regardless of how upset she was, she was DEFINITELY going to make it for 2 1/2 hours!!" I know she's young, but my GOSH -- eventually people have to cut the cord and allow their children to grow.

mah-meeee said...[Reply to comment]

i totally agree with the whole baby-ing our kids thing...

i wonder what happened to your trash can? who'd take the can and bring it back with all the trash in it?

AGSoccerMom said...[Reply to comment]

My hubster and I were just talking about how our kids are being raised. If we expected ours to do what we did growing up we would get turned into CPS. It's crazy.

Sounds like a prank since the trash was still in it. Maybe the trash men are mixing up the cans? They did this on our street. Our guys won't empty can if lid is slightly ajar, we have robot trucks that empty cans from the comfort of their seat.

Jennifer said...[Reply to comment]

I agree about the baby-ing our kids comment. When I was a kid I could go outside in the neighbor hood and run around and get some real excersize. Now days kids have to play the wii to get any excersize, and most of the time they play it sitting down. Ugh!

Anonymous said...[Reply to comment]

soooooo strange!!!

Anonymous said...[Reply to comment]