Saturday, September 20, 2008

The week in review

I'm not much for getting all fixed up to take the kids to school in the morning. Before Goober was going to school all I had to do was open the automatic slidey door on the minivan and wave bye as Munchkin and Bug scampered out the door. Now I have to actually get out of the car and walk Goober in and sign my name on a little form. So people see me now.

I'm still not so great at this. Most days I manage to put on somewhat respectable clothing and a bra and brush my hair. Not so much this Monday.

I woke up late and was in a bit of a hurry so I pulled on a pair of sweat pants and threw on a tee shirt and flip flops. What can I say? Style is my middle name.

We pulled into the parking lot of the pre school and I slid open the door that shows the rest of the world the mess that lies inside the minivan. Munchkin sat in the seat right next to the door and Goober climbed over her, smacking her in the face with his lunchbox, as a shiny SUV pulled into the space next to us.

A nicely dressed young woman got out and came around to the other side of the SUV to let her son out of the car.

"JOHNNY!" Goober exclaimed upon seeing the child.

"MRS. ARNOLD!" Munchkin exclaimed upon seeing the woman.

And there I was, face to face with Munchkin's 2nd grade teacher who I have not yet had the opportunity to meet in person. With my hair in a scraggly pony tail, a faded black tee shirt from the House of Blues in Las Vegas, bright pink sweat pants, orange flip flops, no makeup and no bra. My mother would have killed me.


Tuesday Goober had a doctor's appointment to get MORE shots because I was so significantly behind on getting him his shots that he had to get more as soon as he turned 5. Last month when we went to the doctor Goober really didn't know what to expect with the shots and he sweetly trusted me when I said "It'll hurt a little, but it will be no big deal."

Evidently Goober didn't think shots were no big deal. As soon as the same sweet nurse who had given him the shots last month came at him again with those needles he began to fight. And scream. And flail his body around in a violent rage. The Man was with us. It took both The Man and me to hold Goober down and the nurse to give him the three shots as quickly as she could.

I cried. Goober cried. I think The Man may have wanted to cry.


Wednesday morning is trash day around these parts. That means The Man rolls our giant industrial sized trash cans to the street every Tuesday night at some ridiculously late hour and the trash men come in the wee hours of the morning to empty them.

The Man and I were going to help his cousin move Wednesday morning so we all piled in the car for the morning routine. That's when he noticed.

"Where are my trashcans?" asked The Man, in a bewildered tone.

They were nowhere. Nowhere to be found.

Someone stole our yucky smelly outside trash cans. STOLE THEM. I sort of didn't believe it. As we were driving home that afternoon I fully expected to see them there.

Of course, there they are right where they should be. I imagined myself saying. We must have overlooked them.

Overlooked them... two giant 65 gallon trash cans.

Nope, they were gone. Someone must have come by and stolen them in the time between when the garbage men came at the crack of dawn and when we were leaving for school at 7 AM (not much after the crack of dawn, in my opinion). Either that or they stole our TRASH, too!

We had to go buy another one so we'd have a place to put the vast quantities of waste our family produces. That was fun.


Thursday we found out that Munchkin's teacher (the one I casually met on Monday) was being "let go due to budget cuts" and that her class would be absorbed by the other 2nd grade teachers at her school. Munchkin told us that her teacher had left the class in the middle of the day on Wednesday and since then they had a substitute.

So the school board fires teachers in the middle of the school day in the middle of the school week like that due to budget cuts? I don't know... it seems fishy.

At least I may have a chance to make a better first impression on her new teacher.


Friday was political email day. Jenny sent me the link for this site, though, that I think will be helping me make a decision over the next two months. It seems a whole lot less agenda laden than most things I've seen so far.

Then I read Shannon's post about how to properly handle the whole "politics discussion" as a polite southern lady and I literally laughed out loud. Though I wasn't aware that "socialist" was considered name calling. I mean, if you ask my McCain bumper sticker toting family, I'm sure they'd call it an insult... I just didn't realize everyone did.

And that's my week in review. :)


Willow said...[Reply to comment]

Spaz, great post! Friendly word of advice, though? Pull copies of yours and The Man's credit reports and keep an eye on them. Stealing trash is a prime method of identity theft. I had to stop putting our trash out the night before for just that reason. Unless you're smarter than I was and you shred all your personal info before trashing it.

Leanne said...[Reply to comment]

See I would be more inclined to think that the trash can had fallen into lorry when it was being emptied but I'm a bit naive. Although, it's not likely that both would have fallen in.

Still great post though. I'm regularly the manky mommy dropping her kid off at day care in the morning. At least you manage "decent" most days.

Ellie said...[Reply to comment]

Great post. I find it just utterly depressing to think about people stealing someone's trashy stinky trash to break the law. I mean really. Rob a bank!

Crazy about the teacher -- something is ddeninitely going on there...

Heather of the EO said...[Reply to comment]

I too take my preschooler to school looking like I just rolled out of bed. I should just wear slippers.
Keepin' it real over here. Keepin' it real.