Tuesday, September 2, 2008

It's a novel little navel

Hey y'all! I've posted over at Mommy Matter today about how my kids are growing up at an insane rate of speed. I'd be thrilled if you'd head over there and check out the site! Mommy Matter is a fantabulous community. If you haven't perused the site, you don't know what you're missing!

In other news, today we scheduled Goober's umbilical hernia surgery. My baby's going under the knife.

He's going to hate doctors by the time this month is over. Not only did he have to get four shots just last month, but now he has to go back in two weeks for more shots and then surgery on the 23rd! How do you tell a five year old that doctors are there to help us when all they do is cause my poor little guy pain?

Goober Before

Goober is brave, though. He's excited that his button is going to look just like everyone else. I'm sort of sad, though. I always thought his little hernia was just a cute little outie.

And then the doctor said "See how that's blue right there?" (referring to a little spot on his cute little outie that I've always assumed was a vein) "That's poop!"

Orly? Somehow Goober's little outie just got a little less cute. Slice him up, Doc!

Oh, but I jest.

Even though this little "procedure" takes only about 15 minutes and Goober can come home with us after a few hours of recovery time and will probably even be cleared to go to school the next day, there's just something a little nerve wracking about handing my child, my baby, my youngest and last over to the capable hands of a surgeon. Oh I know, it's not a big deal and he'll be fine in no time at all. I know it's so much better to do this type of thing now than to wait until he's an adult because his recovery time is faster and all. I know he's a super healthy little guy and this surgeon is absolutely wonderful and he'll be fine.

Of course he'll be fine. He'll be better than fine. He'll have a new button!

I can't help but worry. I'm not so worried about him during the surgery or during the recovery time at the surgical center. It's when he gets home that I'm going to freak. I mean, can't they please keep him overnight for observation? Shouldn't professionals be handling his recovery? I'm expected to bring him home to this chaos and keep him quiet and calm for days while his siblings jump around and wrestle and create general mayhem?

Are you guys thinking it's time for Benedryl or is that just me?


Robin said...[Reply to comment]

You meant benadryl for the big kids, right LOL?

I'm sure he, and you, will sail right through this. (Get it? Naval? Sail? I crack myself up...)

Valarie Lea said...[Reply to comment]

It will be fine, I did this same freaking out when L.L. had a spot removed on his neck about a year ago. I wasn't so much worried about recovery, as I was the fact that my baby was having an actually procedure. :(

Anonymous said...[Reply to comment]

Poop, eh? Right. I would have been scheduling that procedure for yesterday. Last week. Anytime backwards in time...

Putting the FUN in DysFUNctional said...[Reply to comment]

Poop? Fer serious?
Surgeries are not fun, I always worry and then the recovery period can be interesting. My oldest (the one whose had the most surgeries) has a weird reaction to codeine; it makes him HYPER instead of sleepy.
Hyper just after surgery is SO.NOT.FUN.

mah-meeee said...[Reply to comment]

wow, i have read about this hernia but i guess i never really thought about what it looks like.

that blue thing... ew.

good luck with the surgery! you know you'll need to post a 'after' pic now! :)

carrie said...[Reply to comment]

He will be fine. And he'll be fixed when it's all said and done.

Wyatt had surgery on his head when he was 4 to remove what the doc termed an "ectodermal defect" it was like a half-dollar sized patch of scar tissue. Anyway, he rocked that surgery and did much better than I did actually. Kids are so resilient and amazing at what they can handle. I don't think we give them enough credit and your little guy will be no different.

I'll keep you in my thoughts on the 23rd!