Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Works For Me Wednesday - Solitude

The Man is great. Really. I can't ask for a better guy to share my life with.

Last week was Spring Break for the kiddos and we had planned to take them up to North Carolina where The Man's aunt has a rustic cabin. The kids would be able to run and frolic with their cousins, having acres and acres of field and yard to be free in with no worries of a car or abductor coming anywhere close to them.

Until I got the cold from hell. I was sniffly, sneezing, coughing, headache... you know the rest. So we canceled.

But then... at the very last minute... The Man had a wonderful idea. He took the kids and left me home. For five days. Five days of solitude. Five days in my own home with no one to ask me for a drink, to tell me they wet their bed, to hit their brother over the head, or to fight over a pile of legos. Five days that I could clean the house (which I did... it's beautiful), watch mindless reality television (Real Housewives... I love you), listen to music with Parental Advisory lyrics, or just listen to silence.

I got so much done it was amazing. It's truly shocking to realize how much one person can accomplish when there are no distractions. My foyer closet, the one we shove jackets and shoes and board games in, is organized. I stuffed at least eight 30 gallon trash bags full of clothing to donate to Goodwill. I got rid of shoes, broken toys, broken furniture, a broken computer monitor, and yes I also got rid of the Miller Lite apple cinnamon scented candle that my brother in law gave to The Man a few years ago. Buh bye.

They've been back since last Thursday night and he just noticed last night it was gone. Much dismay ensued.

Having ample time alone in your house may not seem like the perfect vacation... but it worked for me!


Leanne said...[Reply to comment]

This would be pure and utter heaven. MY family would be lucky if I let them back in again after five whole days to myself. I might ask for this for mother's day.