Friday, April 18, 2008

Fight the Frump! Facial Hair Revisted. :)

Today is Friday and you know what that means...

Did anyone watch Larry King Live last night? I'm not going to go into my opinions on polygamy and underage girls being forced to marry old men here. We're fighting the frump today and have other things to talk about.

I want to talk about this woman:


There she is, front and center.

My heart goes out to this woman. Her child has been taken from her, which is quite possibly the most frightening thing that can ever happen to a mother. I truly feel for her and I empathize strongly with her pleas for the children she loves to be returned to their home.

But that's not what I want to talk about.

I want to talk about the fact that this woman needs a good pair of tweezers. Can you imagine being on Larry King with that unibrow? If there is a crime being committed on that compound it is truly the lack of facial hair control!

This is what can happen if we let the hair go. This is the horror that can ensue.

So don't forget your tweezers, your wax, your razor, or whatever you choose to use. Fight the unibrow, girls!

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Velveteen Mind - Megan said...[Reply to comment]

Unibrow? Pshaw. I clicked on this link because I thought you were going to talk about girl-beards!

Or, as I just blogged about them, chin bangs.

Unibrows are so old school facial hair. If you want to really scare off your harem-holding honey, grow some whiskers!


Sister Honey Bunch said...[Reply to comment]

They are the epitome of frump. I watched them on GMA and the girl you were referring to couldn't stop smiling a really strange cheesy smile. Almost like she had been drugged or something.

Valarie said...[Reply to comment]

Bless thier hearts, I know they want to be modest and everything, but there are better ways. I agree with you though, and I don't think tweezers should be banned from them.

Edi said...[Reply to comment]

The whole thing is a very sad situation - but one thing I noticed. The women all dressed plain and "old fashioned" and then a pic of one of the men and he was dressed all current and "normal" looking. What's up with that???

You can be modest without being frumpy and you can be "old fashioned" without being modest.

Christine @ Serenity How? said...[Reply to comment]

It's such a sad situation, and those poor women. I hope they're not so brainwashed that they'd turn down a makeover. Then I read my comment so far and feel so shallow saying that. Sheesh.

I hope they're able to reunite with their kids and get away from those creepy, freaky men. Yuck.

...and get a makeover. :)

PhotoChick said...[Reply to comment]

Tweezers aren't banned there, are they? That's about the only excuse I can come up with for not plucking the heck out of those eyebrows! I mean, I pluck mine - and they're nearly too blonde to even see! Which reminds me... I need to get plucking!

Great Frump-Fighting post :o) Happy FFF!

Veggiemomof2 said...[Reply to comment]

It would appear they all have the same stylist too! :S