Monday, April 21, 2008

Happy Birthday to The Man

It is my beloved's 33rd birthday today. We've been celebrating all weekend and still have more to do today! Oy... the cake.

So, in honor of Mr. Wonderful's birthday, this post will be all about him. He's going to hate this. ;)

When we met I was a sweet 17 year old girl and I was his friend's girlfriend. It wasn't long before little floating pink hearts started flying between us, though. He kissed me one night on a whim. I can still feel that kiss over 13 years later.

It wasn't until several years had gone by that we really committed to one another... and it's been a wonderful ride since then. I can't imagine loving anyone like I love The Man. He's the only one for me.

To most people he seems quiet. People tell me all the time "He never talks!" What they don't know is that at home I can't get him to stop talking! I'm constantly bitching at politely requesting him to stop making sarcastic comments during the romantic parts of girlie movies or tuning him out focusing intensely when he explains complex technological details about things I'll never understand.

He's an amazing father. If it weren't for him I'm sure our kids would be absolute monsters. He commands respect from our three children while still giving them all the love they'll ever need. He's patient in a way I absolutely am not. He actually takes the time to answer in detail "Why is the sky blue?" type questions. He's patient enough to teach a four year old to play chess. He can bandage a scraped knee with the most thorough care when I'll pour peroxide and throw a Barbie Band Aid on an 8 year old boy and tell him to suck it up.

Mr. Fantastic loves me when I've woken up late and haven't had coffee and I have pillow marks on the side of my face and I snap at anyone who gets in my path. He boldly held my hand through the cesarean section of our youngest child and even held the vomit container to my mouth as I had reactions to the anesthesia. He has worriedly checked my temperature when it sky rocketed out of control as I battled the flu. When I sliced my big toe open and even made my doctor's stomach turn he held my hand for all 8 stitches (and took pictures with his cell phone).

He always has a pocket knife to open packages, takes out the garbage with no complaints, lifts heavy boxes, and fixes broken stuff. He strong arms jars, replaces batteries, listens to car noises, and reminds us all to turn off the lights and shut the door (we're not air conditioning all of Florida, yanno).

I won't go into our personal life but let's just say he's earned a big giant thumbs up in th at area.

He stands by me through all my unreasonable hormonal drama, from ranting and raving to uncontrollable tears. He's there through thick and thin (mostly thick) and stays strong when I'm weak - every single time. He's never once lied to me, always kept his promises, and made me feel beautiful even when I know I'm not.

Happy Birthday to the love of my life. I'm so glad you found me.


Robin said...[Reply to comment]

Happy birthday and many happy returns to your special guy, and welcome back to blogville.

Domestic Spaz said...[Reply to comment]

Thanks Robin! I loved your conversation with Maya post, by the way. She is adorable.