Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Letter to my Uterus

Dear Uterus,

Please, I'm begging you. Let's just get on with it. MyMonthlyCycles.com informed me that you were scheduled to give up your wait for the egg last Monday and I have been waiting ever since. Patiently.

I'm running out of patience.

I wouldn't be so antsy if the premenstrual symptoms I was experiencing weren't so wretched. Unfortunately I think The Man might leave me if I can't reign in these hormones soon. Severe mood swings on top of horrendous cramps, backaches, and severe fatigue are really putting a damper on my life. My home that was once tidy is falling victim to the tired and I ran out of steam after only a few hours while shopping yesterday.

For a moment I believed I might be preggers and even went tinkle on a stick to find out. The lovely people at ept confirmed, however, that it is not a little bundle of joy growing inside of me. It it just you stubbornly waiting. Are you trying to tell me I'm getting older? I'm only 31 for goodness sakes... I can't be menopausal yet.

I hope you'll take my desperate pleas into consideration, Uterus. I've got a life to live and I'm really having a hard time living it.

Thank you,
Domestic Spaz