Thursday, March 27, 2008

I'm Saved!

The camping trip was CANCELED! The whole weekend was canceled by the pack which is just fine with me.

Not so fine with Bug and the rest of my family, though. :( I sort of feel bad for them.

Sort of.

I'm sure we'll be camping again, though. Sooner than later.


tootie said...[Reply to comment]

I don't blame you. My idea of 'camping out' is roasting marshmallows outdoors, and then sleeping in a hotel ;)

Robin said...[Reply to comment]

Squeaked through on that one, hey?

We're camping out this year at the annual music festival we go to for the first time since having kids. The hotel rates were just way too expensive for what it is and the kids have been begging to camp for years. I'm questioning my sanity, and that's about as low-key and low-effort as camping gets...