Monday, March 17, 2008

Erin Go Bragh, Everybody!


Happy St. Patrick's Day everyone! :)

Except it was Saturday this year. Who knew I was supposed to be wearing green on Saturday? I guess I would have known if I was a devout Catholic.

So the devout Catholic's got to get their drink on this Saturday while all the rest of us should be downing our Guinness tonight. I won't be imbibing tonight, though. I'm on a diet. Besides, have you ever tried drinking that stuff? I have. The first time, being young... probably 22. I went to a very authentic Irish pub in Atlanta with a couple of girlfriends and decided I'd have a Guinness. My girlfriend, Liz, raised her eyebrow when I ordered it.

"Are you sure you want to do that?" she asked, concerned.
"What's the big deal? It's just beer."

Um... yeah... WRONG.

It was like drinking a loaf of bread.

I made it halfway through the glass before I broke down and ordered something much lighter... like a Bass or something.

It was a fun night.


I also tried it again when attempting to breastfeed my third child. I have never had breastfeeding success though not for trying. My mammary glands are broken. However, I've tried it with all three and someone suggested to me that if I drank 8 ounces of Guinness each day while breastfeeding it would stimulate my glands and I'd be abundant with the flow. I know, I know... drinking while breastfeeding is a sin, I've heard, but when you're just plain desperate to get the milk to come in and you've tried all the teas and warm compresses and electric pumps and your nipples are cracking and your baby is hungry... well, 8 ounces of beer doesn't really seem so bad.

It didn't work, though. It just reminded me why I don't drink the stuff.

The Man, however, loves the stuff. He, being a very Irish man, also loves Corned Beef & Cabbage with lots of horseradish and boiled potatoes and carrots. He'll be having that tonight as is tradition on this day and I've made sure he's got as much Guinness as he would like. Yuck.

I'll be having a salad and a Tab. :)


Irishmama said...[Reply to comment]

Ah, cheers to you on this St Patricks Day. I decided to have my green beer on Saturday, but the real stuff GUINNESS is for tonight.

Thats right. I like it.

Trish said...[Reply to comment]

In my opinion you don't drink Guiness you chew it. It's so thick, I just can't drink it without contorting my face with every gulp. I'll stick to the very watered down, very Americanized Bud Light. It's easier to color green anyways.