Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Changing your oil... it's gotta be done.

I hate getting my oil changed. Seriously... I hate going to the place and having to talk to the guy behind the counter and having him ask me questions about the car.

"Is it an LX, an EX, a Limited?"

*blank stare*

"Is it a 6 cylinder or an 8 cylinder?"

Is he talking to me?

Once I complete my oral test I fight with my key ring so I can avoid giving Mr. Grubby McDirtyhands my house keys and my mom's house keys and the keys to my mailbox and all other precious keys while still giving him access to my car. I'm not sure why I do this, actually. Do I think he's going to write down my address and make a copy of my keys so he can come to my house and steal all of my valuables? Because my minivan filled with children's toys and things I need to take to Goodwill surely makes it look like my house would be the one to rob. Yep... lots of valuables in there.

Then I am dismissed to the waiting area to watch Montel Williams or look over Car & Driver magazine while sitting in a cold plastic chair and trying to avoid eye contact with the other patrons.

After 45 minutes I am called back to the desk where Mr. Grubby McDirtyhands shows me something small and black and greasy and says something like "Your flux capacitor is old and cracked and needs to be replaced. It's going to cost you $89.95 plus labor. I really can't let you drive out of the parking lot with it like this."

I attempt to call The Man to ask him if this guy is giving me the run around. He doesn't answer so I give in to pressure from Grubby because I know nothing about cars and he has convinced me that the car surely will break down 3 miles from the oil change place and I will be stranded cold and hungry and unable to get to my children.

An hour and a half later I sign a bill for hundreds of dollars, remove the grubby paper mat from the floor of my car and throw it in the back of the van, and am on my way.

There goes over 2 hours of my life I'll never get back.

So I'm doing it differently now.

Yesterday I got my oil changed and it was fun! Yes, you read right... FUN!

My best friend and I put our cars in TOGETHER. Then we took a little walk down the street to the Pollo Tropical where we had a little lunch. While eating our lunch Mr. Grubby called her cell phone to try to up sell us on auto repair stuff. My best friend is tough and knows more than I do and talked sternly to Mr. Grubby about how all we wanted was an oil change. (Yay!)

After our yummy lunch we walked over to Linens & Things and browsed all sorts of things we didn't need. We played with the Leg Magic and the Ab Lounge. She bought a pan.

We walked back and our cars were ready. $30 later and I was on my way. Painless.

I'm getting my oil changed like this every time!

That's what worked for me!

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SAHMmy Says said...[Reply to comment]

Fun alternative to a dreaded task! I guess it's a blessing in disguise that I've driven several cars into the ground--"let's scam the silly girl into paying for unnecessary repairs" doesn't work on me. I even make it a point to tell them that I won't be doing business with them again due to their shady tactics and make sure to warn others off their store.

ttelroc said...[Reply to comment]

That is a great story!! and so true - it is so much more fun to do those types of things with a friend. (and to leave the oil change place and enjoy your two hours)

Have A Great Day!

Awesome Mom said...[Reply to comment]

I let my husband handle that because he is a lot tougher about the car repair scams. Every time they try that on us they loose our business. It is a good thing we are moving because we are running out of oil change places.

Louise said...[Reply to comment]

I hate that upselling stuff! I used to go to a oil change place I called "Surly Lube." They didn't care about my flux capacitor or air filter or anything else, they just wanted to finish with my car and get back to standing around looking bored and talking about whatever greasy guys talk about. It was great! In fact, dare I say it? It Worked For Me!