Tuesday, March 18, 2008

21 days

For the past 3 days I've been pretty meticulous about writing down everything I eat and I've kept my calories very low. Under 1400 calories every day.

This morning I got on the scale expecting some great drop.

Nothing. Nada. Big Giant Goose Egg.

Or should I say Big Giant Butt.

Very discouraging. I know I need to just keep it up. It's only been 3 days.

I know.

So I was reading Dawn's blog today and she posted about how it takes 3 weeks to form a new habit. She called for action from her readers to join her in trying to replace a bad habit with a good habit. So my bad habit is that I eat too much crap. Cookies, cake, pizza (I love pizza), ice cream... I need to give it up.

So for 3 weeks I'm going to give up all that stuff.

I'm making healthy choices and changing habits... for 3 weeks. Then I'll eat cake. ;) Just kidding.