Thursday, March 6, 2008

Rock on... seriously.

Last night I did something I wouldn't normally do.

I went to a concert.

Not just any concert, either. I went to see Seether, Breaking Benjamin, and Three Days Grace. This was so NOT my scene.

Let's rewind to Monday when I received a text message from my best friend, Trish. It explained that she, my younger and hipper and childless friend, had these tickets and no one would go with her so she wanted to drag me along. I was not at all offended that I was the last person she asked because she and I both know it would be very unlike me to attend such a concert.

My first thought was "who are these bands?" and then I figured "what the heck, I could use a night out!"

I quickly downloaded a bunch of songs from each band to load on my iPod so I could have some idea of what I'd be listening to and studied up. Not too bad... a little more rocker than I'm used to... but it sort of took me back to high school.

So last night came and I expertly applied my dark eye make up, flat ironed my hair and jumped in the minivan to go to the show. Poor Bug had to miss a Cub Scout meeting so Mommy could injure her ear drums.

Trish is two years younger than I am and for the past eight years has definitely been winning in the "cooler" category. She was adorable in her little halter top showing off her most recent tattoo (which is actually quite impressive... and I'm not a tattoo person at all). I felt like I might get a cool by association vote. We must have looked interesting together.

We got seated just before Seether started and I truly thoroughly enjoyed their set. I even knew a couple of the songs! Guess I'm not quite as unhip as I thought. ;)

The girl sitting next to me also seemed to really enjoy it - throwing up many of those rock on signs with her hands and moving around a lot.


I tried to be cool, too, but instead of the cool "Rock On" sign I threw up an "I love you" sign.


I hope no one noticed.

After Seether was all done we waited for Breaking Benjamin to start. Trish and I took pictures of ourselves taking pictures of each other.


Isn't she cute? :)

The guy behind us said "Dude, are you guys taking a picture of each other taking pictures of each other?"

Uh... yeah.

Breaking Benjamin started and either the girl next to me REALLY LOVED THEM or the drugs she had imbibed had kicked in.

She was flinging herself around, molesting herself to the band, singing loudly, practically taking her clothes off, and in the process, touching me a lot more than I would have liked. She and her friend were wearing tee shirts advertising their high school softball team.

Next was Three Days Grace and wouldn't you know it, soft ball girls loved THEM even MORE!!

I tried to take a picture of her but it was too dark. And it would have been really obvious. At one point she grabbed my boob... accidentally... I still felt violated. I don't think she noticed.

Here is an obligatory concert shot of Three Days Grace:


All in all, I really had a great time. My ears rang for a while afterward but I loved it. It was great to get out and experience something different.

Thanks Trish. :)


tootie said...[Reply to comment]

Cool! Glad you got a night out. The concert sounds like it was fun. :)