Wednesday, February 27, 2008

WFMW - I Sell on eBay!


It's Works for Me Wednesday and I'm going to talk all about my job.

When people find out I sell on eBay there are so many questions... how did you start?, what do you sell?, can you sell something for me?, can you teach me how?

The truth is that selling on eBay is my full time job and it is a LOT OF WORK.

I work on my eBay business harder than I have ever worked at any job in my life. I don't take lunch breaks and the time I would spend commuting from home to a job, I spend answering emails. I am constantly at the mercy of eBay's new policies which can be scary sometimes... especially lately!

It all started back in 1999 when I was pregnant with my 1st child. I had a good friend who started cleaning out her closet and selling everything on eBay and she was making a ton of cash. Since finances were tight and about to get tighter I decided to try it, too. At first it was just the designer wardrobe I had outgrown, silver jewelry I didn't wear, and some odds and ends around the house. I was HOOKED. Everything sold for more than I could have dreamed to get at a garage sale and I loved my new access to instant cash. Watching auctions close began to be my nightly addiction.

Shortly after my son was born the company I worked from home for underwent some big changes and I lost the marketing position I was in love with. I sent out my resume and went on interview after interview but found myself in a position I hadn't found myself in before. I was now a mother. Employers were wary of hiring a mother with an infant and I was wary of leaving my new little Bug in the care of someone else during the day.

It was then that I decided to give eBay a full time go. I started out by begging my friends and family (and my family's friends) to clean out their closets and let me have the loot. I lived for months on that before I had to actually source my own inventory. I learned where and how to find barely used clothing that would sell. I learned name brands, what couture was, how to tell counterfeit from the real stuff.

Eight years later I'm still selling on eBay (with small breaks throughout the years while I tried other things) and I've learned to adapt to all the changes that have been thrown my way. Now, The Man and I are a team and he, being the computer genius he is, has streamlined our business so we can maximize the amount of items we can offer.

Because of eBay I've never had to put my children in day care, I've never had to ask my boss for a day off to spend taking my kids to the zoo. When one of my little monsters is sick (and when I inevitably come down with the bug, too) I can spend the entire day feeling foreheads and cleaning up vomit and I don't have to worry that my job is in danger. Sometimes I don't put shoes on all day. I don't even own a business suit or a pair of panty hose and I do my grocery shopping at 10:00 AM.

So that's why eBay works for me! :)

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**Yes, I have linked my eBay store about 500 times in this post... shameless, I know. ;)**


The Family CEO said...[Reply to comment]

Good job! Your site looks great.

tootie said...[Reply to comment]

I love eBay! I've sold on it ocassionally, but have considered doing it more regularly.

I really enjoyed hearing your story - thanks for sharing!

Dot said...[Reply to comment]

Great post! I haven't explored your blog, so maybe you've already done a post on this, but I would love to hear more about how you organize your ebay business. Where do you store your "for sale" items, how do you deal with difficult customers, where do you get your shipping supplies, etc.?