Wednesday, February 6, 2008

It really IS a Good Search!

Kelley stopped by my blog today and left a comment. In turn, I stopped by her blog today and read a little. Her WFMW post made me so happy!

She posted about GoodSearch and GoodShop, neither of which I had ever heard of and both of which I will be using from now on.

Don't get me wrong, Google, I do still love you (even though I know you're taking over the world in true Pinky & the Brain style)... but you're not donating money to charities every time I click. Not just any charity, either, I can pick whatever one I want my clickies to benefit. I've chosen Hope for a Cure in honor of my mom but it seems that just about any charity is eligible - even your kiddo's school!

I was even able to add it to my Firefox Searchbox which was previously set to Google and I use it ALL THE TIME. So now I can be helping Hope for a Cure instead of Google AdWords. :)


They even have cute little banners for you to put on you blog to spread the word. ;) Nice. I'm adding one just as soon as I post this.

Thanks Kelley!