Friday, February 29, 2008

On being a slacker...

A few minutes ago I heard my cell phone ringing in the other room. Since I can never, EVER reach the thing in the time allowed for it to ring it went to voice mail before I got to it. When I picked up the phone and looked at the caller ID I knew the ominous phone number immediately. The school... oh no, did one of them throw up? Did one of them crack their head open? Oh please tell me Munchkin doesn't have bugs in her hair!

I press the "Voicemail" button on the phone. It rings.

"You have one new voicemail."

Yes, yes, I KNOW lady... that's why I'm calling!

"New voicemail. Received at eight..... twenty..... four..... AM"

I swear, that's how slow this automated chick talks.

"Hi this is the school nurse at Highly Pretentious Elementary. Bug came down to the office to let me know that he forgot his jacket today. Thank you."

Forgot? Um, no. Deliberately did not take it? That's more like it.

As my blog implies, I am a slacker mom. My approach to parenting is pretty laid back. I try to instill good values into my kids, let them know right from wrong, the golden rule, all that stuff. I also make sure they are fed healthy enough food to keep them growing strong, get enough sleep most of the time, and know not to take candy from strangers.

I do, however, let them make mistakes. I let them make the wrong decision sometimes when it's not going to hurt them too much. This is how they learn.

Right now, in sunny South Florida, it is 54 degrees outside. I dropped my precious little monsters off at school about 45 minutes ago. As we were leaving, I reminded both monsters to bring a sweater or a jacket because it was chilly out. Munchkin, fashionista that she is, took this opportunity to accessorize her outfit and grabbed an adorable beige and pink sweater hoodie. Bug took one step outside, declared it not cold enough for a jacket, and scampered off to the car.

"Are you sure you're not going to be cold?"

"No, it's not even a little bit cold today." He replied, matter-of-factly.

So I shrugged and let him go.

Now, I did check the weather forecast today and I know that by 10:00 am it'll be almost 70 degrees outside so I know Bug isn't going to freeze. Yesterday I did make him bring a jacket because the high was barely 60, but today I'm a lot more relaxed about it. Who am I to say that the kid feels hot or cold, right?

I'm sure the nurse expects me to drop what I'm doing (blogging in my nightgown, of course), get dressed, and run up to the school with my little precious Bug's jacket. I think not. This is one of those mistakes he'll have to learn from. Just like I did back in my day. ;)


Say What? said...[Reply to comment]

You go! The child won't freeze and if he is chilled - they will learn a lesson: MOM IS ALWAYS RIGHT!

My Nutboy forgot both part of his homework and his planner on Friday. I briefly thought of bringing them to school and decided not to. He needs to learn that he is responsible for that type of stuff - not me.

I think you are my new hero.

dawn224 said...[Reply to comment]

right on sister. I will do my best to follow in your footsteps.

Trish said...[Reply to comment]

Not to highjack your blog, but I had to comment one more time today. We live in Northeast Ohio. We have been covered in snow the past two weeks and temps have been in the 30's. Today it is supposed to be a high of 60. Snow is melting with water and slush everywhere. My 8 year old son insisted on wearing only a sweatshirt to school and no boots. I am teaching him about decisions and consequences. I told him he can wear what he wanted, but under no circumstances was I to get a phone call to bring you dry shoes and a heavier jacket to school. Haven't received any calls, we'll see what the shoes look like when he gets home.

Robin said...[Reply to comment]

The nurse actually called over that? I'm not sure I'd get a call if he showed up in a bathing suit and flip flops!