Thursday, February 21, 2008

Laundry Woes

I'm giggling at those of you who said I looked organized when viewing the points system post. Tee hee. Blogs are sure deceiving! :)

The truth is - I'm so very unorganized that I have to put a very organized system into place for the kids in order to keep myself from going absolutely mad. Right now their rooms are the cleanest parts of the house and I'm contemplating giving them even more responsibility so as to compensate for my severe lack of domestic ability.

I'm thinking of teaching Munchkin how to use the washer... 6 years old is old enough to learn... right? No? Not unless I want suds all over my laundry room floor and mildewy smelling clothing?

The laundry really is a serious problem in this house. There is so much of it. In fact, there is a large mountain of it (I'm serious, the kids can literally climb it) in the laundry room. I'll never get it tackled because I hate doing laundry so I keep just picking out the pieces we absolutely need and washing them. Last night I was washing school uniforms at 11:00 pm so the kids would have clothes to wear today.

I really should just donate it all to Goodwill but I feel bad donating it without washing it first so it sits there. Now I'm thinking I might go out there and just divide it all up into colors and whites and towels and everything and load it all up into the van (I'll probably have to take the seats out) and go at 1:00 am to a 24 hour laundromat and do it all at once. It will probably cost us $300 in quarters but it would be done. Then I could sort it into donate piles right there at the laundromat and just donate it before I even got home. Sounds like a plan, eh?

I wonder it that would save me on the electricity bill. I wonder if I can blog at the laundromat!