Friday, May 15, 2009

Ah, relaxing lateness...

So this morning when I woke up the clock said 7:45.

Which my body said was way too early to be awake.

Except I should have been out of bed by 6:15.

And let me just remind y'all that there are four (4) other people in this house that needed to be awake at 6:15 and not one (1) of them woke up before me.

So when I looked at the clock my first reaction was to just go back to sleep and let all the kids play hookie. And then I remembered that I'm a grown up and I have to be responsible and all that. That, and I'll be crazy enough with them all home all weekend. No need to add another day on to that insanity.

So I got them all up, got them all dressed and fed, and we leisurely made our way out the door. Because once you're already late it really doesn't matter if you're a few minutes later. There was a great sense of calm not having to worry about getting them all to school on time. It was sort of nice.

I know. Weird, huh?

We dropped Goober off first, which thrilled him because he's usually last. At Munchkin's school I walked her in to the office and we discovered that this is the first time she's been late all year. Which if you knew our track record last year, you'd know was sort of shocking to me. This day doesn't count.

So Munchkin was 15 minutes late, Bug was almost 1/2 hour late, and The Teenager was a whopping hour and a half late to school.

But they're all there.

And the house is silent.

Sweet silence.

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PPS - Lisa, I love you, too! :)


Leanne said...[Reply to comment]

Meh, better late than never:)

We had assembly at school so guess who was late every single day.

Janine (@twincident) said...[Reply to comment]

Hi! I love your blog and am going to vote if it's not too late. I also wanted to THANK you for great Disney advice. I need it and everyone had some great things.

Jason, as himself said...[Reply to comment]

Sometimes being a responsible grown up in just not FAIR.