Friday, May 29, 2009

It's sort of a hodge podge

Last night while talking to The Teenager I realized my dad's words have sunken in. I kept saying things like "Before you know it you'll be 25" and "Make a plan" and "Where do you see yourself?"

And then I sent her off to make a list of where she wants to be in 5 years and where she wants to be in 10 years. And to put it somewhere she'd see it every day.

Shockingly enough, I haven't even made a list like that. But my dad has told me to... probably a hundred times in my life. So I think The Man and I are going to sit down later today and make one. I'm a little nervous that we won't be able to agree. :)

And after the lecturing was all over I realized that I sort of used to like those lectures. Oddly enough, I think The Teenager kind of likes them, too.


Yesterday The Man went for a second interview with AT&T. His first interview was Tuesday and the manager he met with told him over and over again how he would be an asset to the company and how he was recommending him for the position and all that junk. Yesterday's interview was with the district manager where he was given the lowdown on what the job would entail, asked whether he was willing to do all of those things (he agreed to all conditions), and told again what a great candidate he was.

And then, maybe an hour after he left the second interview, he got an email.
Matching applicants with the right positions requires a unique combination of candidate experience, job requirements and timing. While you have not been selected for this particular position, we appreciate the time and energy you have invested in AT&T.
Want to know what I think of that? I think they're bastards. The Man drove not once, but twice, to meet with managers. He dressed the part, looked great, smiled, and kissed ass. He even wore a tie pin. He was told over and over again how wonderful he was and what a great fit he would make with their company. He agreed to all of their terms and has proven experience that fits the position.

And they choose to send him a screw you email an hour after he walks out? Not even a phone call? Nothing? Just a form email? Bastards.

He has another interview next week with another company so we'll see how that goes. AT&T doesn't know what they're missing.

PS - I used rubbing alcohol to get the ink out of the dryer and it worked relatively well. Only a little back breaking labor. It helped to heat the dryer up a bit before scrubbing. I sort of feel bad because I ripped into the boys about leaving a crayon in their pants (cause that's what I assumed it was). Then I realized that there were none of the boys' pants in that load of clothing and then The Teenager fessed up that she thought maybe she might have accidentally left a very small pen in her pants and she was very very very very sorry.

PPS - I'm not going to talk about the sex talk. It was uncomfortable enough the first time. Yowza.

PPPS - I'll post later about the groceries. :) It was sort of exciting. Speaking of saving money, is offering an 80% off coupon till the end of the month! Enter the code "SPECIAL" at checkout. I got a certificate to two restaurants I've been wanting to try for a total of $4 and the certificates are good for a year.

PPPPS - (I'll type as many damned Ps as I want thankyouverymuch) Don't forget to vote for me! I'm down to like 18% or something ridiculous! That other blogger chick is whooping my butt and I'm not okay with it. Domestic Spaz FTW!


Lucy said...[Reply to comment]

Hodge Podge is good!

I'm sorry to hear "The Man" did not get the job, that is always so disappointing, especially when they insinuate you are the one. I ask, "why do interviewers do such a thing?"

I agree with you, I think teenagers deep down like lectures, it shows you care, they may roll eyes and protest but deep down they want you to care!

That was great she fessed up eventually and said she was sorry about the pen, yikes it sounded a bit messy!

I voted and you are on top again!!!!

The Virtuous Girl said...[Reply to comment]

Yes, I too hear Dad's words of wisdom, planning, morality, etc. playing in my head. I then hear it as it comes out of my mouth to Schwinks. Hopefully, some of it will sink in with "the kids" and some of it has sunk in with us (are we grown up yet?). Too bad about "the man's" job hunt. In today's job environment, you can't take it personally, keep positive and keep trying (I'll be thinking good thoughts for him!) Love you. Thanks for taking such good care of the the teenager.

Leanne said...[Reply to comment]

Love me some hodge podge.

Do not love me crappy emails from bastard companies who spend hours blowing smoke up your arse only to kick you an hour later.

They probably found some 20 year old willing to work for £20 a day and burger king vouchers for lunch so The Man was over qualified and wouldn't have worked for them anyway even if they had offered him the poxy job, so "Naaaaah".

Ok, the husband might have had a few crappy emails in his time too and I may or may not have had to be dragged away from the pc kicking, screaming and gnashing teeth after trying to reply to said email.

Keep your chin, he'll get something far better.